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Feedback for Koushoku

Aug 10, 2007

    1. Koushoku bought a NaNuRi head from me last week. She is a very, very pleasent person to do business with. She paid promptly and it was very easy to get in touch with her.

      Koushoku is a lovely person and I would not hesitate to do business with her again! :D
    2. Koushoku ordered six fur wigs from me, and she was wonderful to deal with. Fast payment and great communication--I would definately reccommend her!
    3. Super nice to deal with; Koushoku bought a Juri head from me and it couldn't have gone better. Thank you so much! :D
    4. Koushoku acted as an intermediary for buying a NaNuRi 07 head for another member on this board - friendly, good comms, thank you :)
    5. Sold a doll head to Koushoku. Highly recommend...great communication, quick payment. Just a pleasure in all ways!
    6. Koushoku bought a pair of Soom Bygg hooves from me. The trasnaction was great. Payment was made quickly & communication was also very good. Would deal with again :)
    7. Sold a Juri 06 head to Koushoku recently. She paid extreamly quickly, was very freindly and communication was a breeze. A lovely buyer, would deal with again!
    8. bought a head from Koushoku, it arrived super quickly and safely. Thanks so much!!
      an A++ transaction.
    9. Koushoku bought a head from me!!

      +paid fast
      +nice and fast comminucation
      +told when head had arrived

      I would recommend to anyone! Thanks a lot! ^w^
    10. I sold Koushoku a wig and everything went smoothly. Nice communication, fast payment and also very patient when I couldn't send the wig right away because I was sick. Thank you. :)
    11. I buy a Mihael head form Koushoku and the transaction was perfect!
      The communication was very good and the shipping was very fast.The head was well packaged.
      I highly recommended her and I dont hesitate to buy from her again!
    12. I sold a soulkid girl body to Koushoku ^_^ she's been kind and communicative, fast to pay and precise. she let me knew when the body arrived, and it has been a very very pleasant transaction over all the time. I'll highly recommend her, thank you so much!
    13. Koushoku has purchased a Aria body from me, she paid promptly and was very easy to communicate with. She was also very understanding and reasonable, and paid for the fee as well. She is an wonderful buyer and would recommend her!
    14. I bought a body from her. Great to communicate with. Shipping from Finland was very quick, once she got it mailed. Very nice and conscientious seller; I would buy from her again.
    15. bought my kizdoll body from her. :) He's wonderful and I'm very happy. There was some delays on both our ends and she was quick to respond and work with me. :) even sent a little necklace for him as a sorry. Amazing seller. Thank you!
    16. Bought my Kizdoll limited white elf Saiy head from Koushoku even months ago. (Sorry for late feedback!)
      She was very patient and answered all my questions, was very friendly, and shipped him quickly. Wonderful to work with! I would do business with Koushoku again, I am very happy!
    17. 3 months or so**
    18. I bought a DC Colin head from Koushoku. She kept in touch and kept me updated all the time, she was quick in responding and everything arrived safely. I would surely do business with her again!
    19. I was lucky enough to buy a Doll Chateau body from Koushoku. :D The transaction was perfect - quick and friendly communication, and the body was shipped fast and arrived in perfect condition - and had a few extras with it. :3 Thank you for a great transaction!
    20. I have just bought a Doll in Mind body from Koushoku and I have to say I am very happy with this transaction, she was always very quick replying to my messages and clearing up my doubts and made a full and accurate description of the body and its condition. She shipped the body the day after payment was cleared and it came very will packaged and protected, even it arrived 3 days after she sent it! So I'm very satisfied and would not hesitated in doing business with her again! Thank you so much! A+++