Feedback for kpopandkimchi

Sep 16, 2020

    1. :daisy Please leave feedback here after any transaction with me... Thank you! :daisy
    2. Kpopandkimchi bought several heads and dolls from me. Transactions where perfect. She let me know just when the dolls arrived. I highly recommend doing business with this collector :D thank you again ~!
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    3. @kpopandkimchi is great buyer! She bought Souldoll KangUk and DF-H 65 cm body hybrid from me. She paid in full and was so polite, pleasant and comfortable person in our deal communication. Thank you so much!
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    4. @kpopandkimchi bought my Dollshe Bernard. She was an absolute dream to work with and our conversations were awesome. She paid very quickly and got back to me as soon as she could to let me know the doll arrived on time and in the condition that was described. I would love to work with this buyer again or even just chit chat now and then. 10/10!
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    5. kpopandkimchi bought a LittleRebel Seven on FantasyDoll body from me.
      Payment was very very fast and communication was very pleasant !
      Her messages after the receipt was so cute and so kind.
      A perfect buyer and doll lover !
      Thank you ! :3nodding:
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