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Feedback for KratosAngel.

Feb 10, 2009

    1. Please place any feedback for me reguarding buying, selling, trading, and all that good stuff. Thanks!
    2. KratosAngel bought my MNF Dark Elf Soo. It was a very smooth transaction, and she paid quickly. Plus, she's really nice to talk to! So I would definitely do business with her again :):D Thank you!!! :fangirl::chocoheart
    3. kratosangel bought a wig from me. The transaction was great, good communicated and paid quickly. Thanks!
    4. kratosangel purchased two fur wigs from me and the transaction was just fantastic.
      Not only is she communicative and kind but she is also very prompt with payments. She also informed me right away when the package arrived to her.
      I am very happy with my first transaction with kratosangel and wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again!
      Definitely recommended to others by me! :)
    5. kratosangel bought my pukisha parts and red boots payment was super fast would totally recommend her
    6. kratosangel bought two SD13 shirts from me and was simply amazing to deal with. wonderful communication, extremely nice and fast payment. i'd definitely deal with her again!! ^__^ A+++
    7. kratosangel adopted a Resinsoul Bei from me and is a lovely person to meet in the markets. Communication was always friendly and payment was finalised quickly. I would be more than happy to recommend kratosangel to anyone and would happily buy or sell with kratosangel again.
    8. KratosAngel adopted my sweet little Bei elf, and it was a perfect transaction! Wonderful communication, fast payment....a pleasure to deal with! Thanks so much! :)
    9. Kratosangel got a puki item from me. Immediate Payment and excellent communication! I would highly recommend her to all!

    10. KratosAngel bought a SD suit set from me, as well as my Soom Syen and even let me keep what i wished to keep as part of the set for sale (thanks!)
      Payment was very quick and even though shipping was a bit more than i thought, she didnt mind sending the difference.

      Everything went very smooth and was an awesome transaction :D

      Great person to do business with :D
    11. krotosangel brought another puki item from me. She paid immediately and maintained contact. Wonderful to work with!

    12. KratosAngel bought a pair of Soom hands from me. She was lovely to deal with, payed quickly, friendly and good communication. Thanks very much.:aheartbea
    13. KratosAngel participated in the 2011 Halloween Swap I hosted.
      Prompt, and got everything out in the allotted time frame.
      Very reliable!