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Feedback for Krowbar~

Aug 28, 2008

    1. Hi hi,
      This is a feedback thread for Krowbar and 'Glass Half Full commisions'!
      Thanks c:
    2. I sold a Minimee head to Krowbar- lovely to deal with and paid promptly. Would do business with again~
    3. krowbar did some mods for me on my dz recal. :) and he is pure love :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea everything went beyond splendily. thank you so much agian.
    4. I just finoshed a transaction with Krowbar. She's really nice and easy to communicate with. Everything went quick and smooth. In other words, she is a very good buyer:)
    5. Krowbar bought a shirt from me; everything went perfectly. Thanks again!
    6. Krowbar did two face ups for me and they're absolutely great. She was wonderful to work with and very communicative. <333 Thanks hun.
    7. Krowbar bought my failed modification sleeping breakaway head and she paid promptly and always replied to all my pms!

      Great buyer and thanks alot for buying and giving him, literally, a better face :D
    8. Krowbar did an amazing faceup on my CP Abadon ;A; He's gooooorgeous. And she was always so friendly and prompt and was very considerate of all my requests.

      thank youuu <3
    9. I sold a head to Krowbar. She was great to deal with - super communication, quick to pay. I'd definitely do business with her again. Thank you!
    10. Bought a DZ Nina from Krowbar~ and she's bought things from me + some faceups :) Great person to deal with k~
    11. Krowbar bought a Tan Shiwoo from me. Smooth and easy international transaction all the way....definitely recommend as a buyer! :)
    12. I bought a Beyla OE head from Krowbar, fantastic seller, great deal and she's a pleasure to buy from :3
    13. Krowbar did a faceup for my little puki head and I was very happy with the job she did, her communication and over all transaction, I highly recommend! :fangirl:
    14. Krowbar is a great buyer. She paid a lot earlier than I thought she would and communication was friendly and clear.
    15. Krowbar joined my chalco split for the skull and horns, payment was fast and communication great! :D
    16. Krowbar purchased a scarred MiniFee arm from me and we had a very pleasant transaction from beginning to end. Flawless communication and instant payment - all the makings of a pleasant transaction and I could not recommend them more~

      :bcake Thank you for your purchase! :bcake
    17. I sold Chrom on layaway to krowbar. Communication was excellent and the payments were made promptly. We arranged to meet ot hand him over and that went very well too.
    18. Krowbar repaired my girl's finger that broke off and couldn't be found, also repaired a crack in my MNF fire arm!
      Everything was great, and done very well. Thankiesss Krowbar XD
    19. Krowbar did some eye mods on my Impldoll Miguel and they turned out perfectly!~ She did exactly what i wanted and was very quick with finishing him up and sending him back out. Great communication and very forgiving of my horrible math and conversion skills. xD Thanks a ton! <3
    20. bought Krowbar's DoI Kalix on layaway. was super awesome and friendly to deal with , even threw in a faceup in the price (which was excellant compared to other people on the market selling kalix):). doll was sent within a day or so of being paid off. came in excellent condition, basiclly brand new with the faceup of my choice which was GORGEOUS. would love to do buisness again.:aheartbea