Feedback for ksherwood8713

Feb 14, 2019

    1. Please leave your feedback for me here thank you
    2. Ksherwood8713 buy me one pair of souldoll devonia boots. Go buyer. Simple transaction. serious person, quick and clear communication. fast payment. she warned me on arrival. I recommend.
      Thanks you
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    3. @Ksherwood8713 bought a Depths Dolls Giorria from me. Paid when she said she would and let me know she arrived safe. Pleasure to work with.
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    4. Ksherwood8713 bought two pairs of mako eyes from me, everything went great and she let me know when the eyes arrived. I recommend her!
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    5. Kassie purchased a Pasha Pasha doll from me. Communications was great and we agreed on a layaway. She always paid on the schedule and even paid early. USPS was very slow due to COvid precautions. She never complained and was SO patient. She's a great customer and nice person all around to have dealt with. Thank you!
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    6. @Ksherwood8713 and I traded wigs for dolls, and it was a fantastic transaction. Shipping was super fast (my package to them took forever :sneaky), and dolls were perfectly packaged in that pricey bubble tube-wrap stuff. Communication was excellent. Would definitely work with this person again!