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Feedback for KSilva

Jun 27, 2010

    1. Please post individual feedback here.

      Thank you! :)
    2. I sold an AOD head to Kathy and she paid promptly. Great buyer!
    3. KSilva bought my Sphaler head + antlers + magnet. ^^ Communication was great, she's very nice, paid promptly, and told me when the package arrived. I accidentally included my Chalco tanned hands in the box, and she's willing to ship them back to me (I pay for the return shipping, of course!). ^^ A reliable buyer and friend. Thank you so much! I hope you like your Sphaler!

    4. I sold some brass goblets to KSilva and the transaction went perfectly. ^^ She sent the payment right away, no problems! Would definitely sell to her again! A wonder to deal with! <3
    5. KSilva was part of my Noob Swap and she was perfect. Her items were shipped out on time and the items has partner got were the right fit and good quality.