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Feedback for Ksusha

Oct 16, 2011

    1. Please leave your feedback here.
    2. I adopted Her Majesty The Queen of Hearts Cristal from Ksusha. I highly recommend her! She is a very kind and understanding seller. Would definitely adopt/buy from her again! :)
    3. Ksusha sold me a Volks Princess dress - it arrived in pristine, perfect condition, sealed in its original bag. Excellent!
    4. Ksusha was part of the Tata's GO I ran and she was wonderful! I'd love to have her in future GOs! Thanks for being part of the first GO I've ever run! <3
    5. Ksusha joined my LUTS GO and everything was wonderful :) She paid quickly and communicated often! I would definitely recommend her for other GO's! Thanks again! :)
    6. Ksusha was part of my LUTS group order. Quick payment, great communication, everything that makes group orders run smoothly! Thanks so much!
    7. Ksusha was in my TaTa GO. Payment was sent fast and communication was great! Everything you need to make a group order go smooth! &#9734;^&#12541;(*^-&#65439;)vThank you&#9834;v(&#65439;&#8711;^*)/^&#9734;
    8. Sold a volks katana to Ksusha.The transaction was very smooth,she is very friendly.Fast payment and replies~Just wonderful and highly recommend~ Thank you!Great~^3^
    9. Ksusha was in my Dollmore GO. She paid her invoices fast and was a pleasure to deal with.
    10. Ksusha participated in my souldoll GO. She paid quickly, and was a pleasure to deal with. :) Thank you so much!
    11. I had a WTB thread for an open eyed Reisner and Ksusha was kind enough to offer helping me get him at Idex!

      He arrived safely and soundly, well packaged and I couldn't be happier.
      Very kind and quick communication--
      Thank you so much!!
    12. Ksusha took part in my sd16 megu split ^_^ she paid quickly and i got to deliver the items in person, she is really nice ^_^ thank you~
    13. Ksusha participated in my Iplehouse GO and was a pleasure to work with! Thanks!
    14. I bought a Volks Coordinate Model F-29 from Ksusha and the transaction was perfect. She communicated well, shipped right away and the doll was in perfect condition. I would happily buy from her again.
    15. I purchased a Volks chair/stand from Ksusha. This was a super quick, easy transaction. The item was shipped quickly and packaged really well. I could not be any happier with the transaction. I'd happy buy from again! Thanks!
    16. I sold a Volks Lady Wizard outfit to Ksusha, and she was an excellent buyer! Great communication, fast payment, and she let me know when the package arrived. Thank you! :)
    17. Ksusha participated in my Leekeworld GO, she paid promptly, kept great communication and was very friendlly! Thanks ^^
    18. ksusha purchased a volks sd17 boy body from me and was very pleasant to deal with, and super understanding when i forgot to include the optional hand.
    19. Ksusha purchased an SD17 Williams from me. Communication was great, and payment was quick. Overall a pleasure to do business with! Thank you.
    20. I purchased an MSD F-31 from Ksusha and she has been very patient. Very pleasant transaction, very reasonable seller. I would definitely do business with her again in the future!