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Feedback for kuckkuck

Aug 3, 2007

    1. kuckkuck is the best ! If you 've ever had any transaction with kuckkuck, pls leave feedback here for this wonderful member :D :D
      Thank you very much !!
    2. I sold a doll to Kuckkuck and it has been a perfect transaction: she's a very nice person to deal with and the payment has been super quick, a real pleasure!
    3. Kuckkuck bought some eyes from me, it was a very smooth transaction.
    4. Kuckkuck just bought a Volks wig from me. Very fast contact and payment, and the wig went out today. Thank you very much for your purchase!
    5. Its my pleasure to leave a positive feedback for kuckkuck! I've had a very nice and fast transaction! the item arrived perfectly and everything went smooth! great communication. would deal again in the future!!
    6. Sold a pair of boots to kuckkuck -- quick payment and fast pms! Thanks again. ^^
    7. I bought a pair of eyes from Kuckkuck and it all went perfectly. Great communication, a super deal, really quick and packaged well! I hope to buy from Kuckkuck alot more in the future!
    8. kuckkuck bought a set of kinomo from my FS thread. She's not only easy-going, humble and polite, but responsible for quickly making the payment--recommended!
    9. Reciently bought Amakusa Shirou Tokisada Head with eyes.
      Lovely and easy to deal with, very patient :) Thanks so much
      A great seller, Recommended! :D
    10. I old narin blonde deafault wig. Tranaction went quick, and everything was ok. Great communication.
    11. I bought an SD size cell phone from kuckkuck. she kept in great contact with me, transaction was smooth, really a pleasure to work with =D <3
    12. I bought an MSD-sized cell phone, and it arrived today. Smooth transaction, and good communication. Would definitely do business with her again. :)
    13. Sold a wig to her, and she was a prompt and pleasant buyer to deal with.

      Thanks again, kuckkuck!
    14. I bought pair of eyes from kuckkuck. She kept in great contact and informed me about really small dent in one of the eyes. Overall the transaction was smooth and it was really a pleasure to do bussiness with her~
    15. I bought a pair of white old SD10 hands from kuckkuck and it was an overall smooth transaction. Items were in perfect condition and it took just as long as it should have to get to me. Would buy from again. :)
    16. I bought a pair of eyes from kuckkuck, and it was a smooth and pleasant experience.
      The items was in perfect condition and arrived very fast :)
      She's very nice, kept up great contact and shipped quickly.
      A pleasure to deal with, from beginning to end !

      Thank you again, kuckkuck :aheartbea
    17. I have bought a YOSD outfit from Kuckkuck! It was a very pleasant transaction, the dress arrived fast and in perfect condition! Thank you so much :)
    18. I bought a wig from Kuckkuck :) It was shipped promptly and arrived safely just yesterday. Great seller!
    19. I bought a white SD sized uniform from kuckkuck. I received it today, it was a very smooth and excellent transaction.

      Kuckkuck also placed the outfit on hold for me while i sort somethings out with my bank, also placed in a lovly pink scarf too ^^

      Wonderful seller and a pleasure to deal with.
    20. thank you for a lovely kimono!