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feedback for kuraiangels

Nov 26, 2007

    1. Thought I'd start my feedback thread. since I hope to start posting some things for sale soon. :)
    2. I traded a body with kuraiangels, and she was pleasant and cheerful to do business with! My boy arrived promptly and in good condition.
    3. Kuraiangels commissioned an Hinata jacket from me.

      Great to work with! Provided any additional measurements I requested and did so super fast!!! Payment was equally fast. Needless to say communication was NEVER a problem. ^_^

      Thanks for letting me venture into the world of making clothes for tinies. I hope you enjoy the jacket as much as I enjoyed making it!!
    4. kuraiangels bought a doll from me on layaway. She was prompt with payments and very friendly to deal with. Wonderful transaction. Thanks!
    5. I bought a Dollzone carrying case from kuraiangels, and she was a great person to deal with. The carrier looks great, she was extremely friendly and great with communication, and she shipped it out really quickly.

    6. Kuraiangels bought a rement set from me. Very easy to do buiseness with and was a pleasure to deal with!
    7. I bought a puki wig from kuraiangels. She messaged me about a WTB thread I had up in the marketplace and was very generous in her offer - even offering to meet me to deliver the wig in person since she was going to be in my home city the following weekend.

      She is a great seller - it was a fantastic transaction. Thanks so much!
    8. Bought a fur wig with braid and received it quickly! Good email communication! Great price! :)
    9. kuraiangels bought a wig from me and she paid promptly! She didn't let me know when it arrived until a bit later, but better late then never! :)
      Great buyer! Thank you!
    10. Purchased the sweetest Candy Corn colored crocheted cat from kuraiangels. Excellent transaction and purchase was promptly mailed. Looking forward to her other creations. ~~Louella
    11. Posted this in error to the wrong account. I am purchasing a head, but the transaction isn't complete. Very sorry. ~~Louella

    12. Great buyer!! She has commissioned me a tuxed and she was lovely to deal with :D
      Thank you!!
    13. Received Poppy head today. Absolutely delighted! The head was very well packed and promptly shipped with tracking. kuraiangels is excellent to deal with. Look forward to the opportunity to do business again. Louella
    14. kuraiangels bought a head from me. she's very nice and reliable. great to deal with! thanks so much.
    15. Nice buyer! They just bought some Puki parts from me and it all went great! :D


    16. Nice buyer, fast paiment ! nice person and very thank you for the split of the puki !
    17. Kuraiangels was a fast replier, a good buyer, and was rather nice when dealing with my randomly getting sick. I'd recommend her to any seller.
    18. sold her some eyes. fast payment and let me know when they got their could not ask fo rmore.
    19. kuraiangels bought two puki faceplates from me. She was very nice and paid fast and let me know what they arrived.
    20. kuraiangels joined a FL GO I was hosting and was super sweet to work with X3 I'd love to work with her again, and would most defiantly recommend her.