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Feedback for Kurisu

Sep 6, 2010

    1. To everyone who has bought from me or sold me something, please leave a short note on how your experience was. :)
    2. Kurisu sold her Peak's Wood Wake Up Cue to me on a layaway.
      She was so friendly and easy to communicate with. The layaway went perfect and she shipped out the doll almost immediately after I paid her off.
      The doll arrived safely and very securely packed.
      I can only recommend Kurisu as a seller. I will definitely do business with her again. :)
      Thanks a lot!
    3. I bought some white Dollheart boots from Kurisu. She was super friendly and shipped out quickly for me as well! Package arrived super fast and the boots were in perfect shape. Thanks so much!
    4. I bought an AngelsDoll Michael from Kurisu. The communication was really great and promt. She shipped him out almost immediately and very safe packed.
      She is very friendly and kind. The whole transactions was perfect and it was a pleasure to deal with her. I would definitely do business with her again and can highly recommend her as a seller! Thank you so much <3
    5. I bought a pair of Iplehouse new EID hands from Kurisu. The transaction was near perfect and the hands came in the mail quick and well packed. :D Really happy with this sale, and now one of my boys finally gonna replace his old EID sausage hands. Haha
      Thanks again!
    6. Kurisu joined my Luts GO and was the most wonderful person ever! Her communication was always prompt and polite, her payment was on time and have been really patient when there were delays on my part. Thank you again for helping me bring my boy home and the delightful transaction! ^^
    7. I bought a Peakswoods Mr Hollow head from Kurisu, she was very kind, gave thorough information and the head arrived in perfect condition! I am very happy with this transaction and I recommend her as a seller.
      Thank you so much!
    8. I bought a YoSD outfit from Kurisu. Communication was fast and clear, and the transaction was pretty quick and easy. I'd be very willing to work with you again. Thanks for a smooth transaction!