Feedback For kuroda emi

Mar 18, 2008

    1. Please post here if you have had any transactions with me.
    2. Sold a doll to kuroda emi, and everything went perfectly. Thank you again~
    3. I participated in a Luts group order hosted by kuroda emi. It was one of the smoothest group orders I've been in! Communication was great and all the members were kept up-to-date on the status. Shipping was very quick once the items arrived, and overall kuroda emi is a pleasure to do business with. :)
    4. I participated in a Luts group order she hosted and it was all around perfect! She was very detailed and kept everyone updated on everything! The packing was also very nice and she sends very promptly. I would love to deal with her again no doubt! A+
    5. I was in a LUTS group order run by kuroda emi. It was a great group order. She did a wonderful job in keeping it organized and all of us informed. I hope to be in another one of her orders sometime.
    6. I just participated in a group order with kuroda emi. It went smoothly and she was good at answering messages. I had a good experience. :)
    7. I just took part in kuroda emi's Luts Group order and words really can not discribe how happy I am with this transaction:fangirl: This girl is sweet, responsible, and extreamly reliable:D.... One of the items went out of stock, and she PMed me the SECOND it came back into stock (which I didn't see though I was keeping an eye on it everyday:sweat) so we could add it to the order last minute:).... I know this will not be the last I deal with her, or at least I hope it isn't.... :thumbup:thumbup for this awesome seller and sweetheart:)
    8. I was also a participant in Kuroda Emi's LUTS group order and I have absolutely no complaints what-so-ever. She was very nice and very helpful with helping me get the correct sized wig when I received the wrong size ( Through no fault of her own, of course. ). She kept in contact, measured the replacement wig just in case there was another packaging error on LUTS' part and sent it out right away without asking me to cover the shipping fee again. I couldn't be any more pleased with the way the whole situation was handled and I definitely recommend her.

      Thank you very much. :D
    9. I bought a SDF Abadon from Kuroda Emi.

      The communication was great, shipping was fast.

      Thank you
    10. Kuroda Emi purchased a doll from me. She paid right away, stayed in touch, and (most importantly to me) let me know when the doll arrived. Thanks again! Post some pics!
    11. I bought my very first doll from kuroda emi and could not have asked for a better transaction. Kuroda even put up with my first-time-buyer "when is my doll gonna GET HERE" neuroses, even though she arrived in a couple of days and in as-promised condition.

      Thank you so much for making my first doll purchase such a great experience! :D
    12. Participated in a Leeke group order run by kuroda emi, everything went smooth as silk!
      She even offered 1st class shipping for our items, that was really nice-
      Thanks so much! :)
    13. I also participated in the Leeke group order. It was another wonderful experience! Everything went perfectly smoothly, and kuroda emi was once again very friendly and an overall great order host. The wigs were shipped super-quick, too! I won't hesitate to do business again!
    14. Kuroda Emi ordered a Sato FCS doll through me and was wonderful to work with. She paid promptly and maintained communication throughout the process. I would highly recommend doing business with her.

      Thanks again for the smooth transaction! :aheartbea
    15. kuroda emi bought a crobidoll thor head from me and was very nice to deal with and paid quickly - a great transaction!
    16. kuroda emi sold me the lovliest Dolga wig that arrived today. Couldnt be happier would buy from again anytime.

      Highly recommended
    17. I got a faceup commission from Kuroda Emi. She is one of the very top friendly people I've ever met XD our business went so smooth!!!
      it's a pleasure to meet a very nice and friendly person like you too, Liz ;0;
      highly recommend ^_^b
    18. Wonderful transaction with kuroda emi! Great communication, super-fast payment, wonderful all around.
    19. Great transaction with kuroda emi! Payment was quick and communication was fast, thank you! ^^
    20. great transaction with kuroda emi, bought an outfit set from her :) shipping & communication were both prompt.