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Feedback for Kurohitori

May 6, 2010

    1. Feedback for Kurohitori

      Post your comments and feedback for me here :)
    2. Bought some Fairyland Piki sized outfits from her during a meet ^^ Thank you very much~ <3
    3. Sold a few things to Kurohitori at a meet, just great to deal with! Thanks again~ :3
    4. Kurohitori was part of my local Dollmore GO. :) She was super sweet and kept good contact. <3 I'd be happy to have her in another one of my GOs.
    5. Kurohitori purchased my Wang Ye head. Communication was always pleasant, payment was lightning fast and she let me know as soon as he arrived. Could not have asked for a smoother transaction.
    6. Kurohitori participated in my dollmore GO! :D Quick communication and fast payment :}

      Would love to have her in another of my GO's anytime!

    7. I bought a dollheart jacket from Kurohitori. My item arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Kurohitori was very helpful, communication was great and shipping was very fast. It was a fantastic transaction and I wouldn't hesitate to buy again!
    8. Kurohitori purchased a DZ female body from me and paid promptly and had great communication.

      Thanks :)
    9. Bought a Kid Delf body from Kurohitori! Great communication! I would love to buy from her again :3
    10. Joined my DM GO - Quick payment, clear list! Very Smooth!
    11. Kurohitori joined my SOOM Dune split. Payment was prompt and communication was great :)