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Feedback for Kyarorin

Nov 5, 2009

    1. Haven't made any transactions just *yet*, but when I do, please put your feedback here! :aheartbea
    2. I sold my doll to Kyarorin and it went very well! It all did go very fast, and it's all good! ^^
    3. Great transaction! ^^ Paid promptly and was very friendly to deal with. Highly recommended!
    4. Sorry about my super late feedback. I was caught up with IRL issue and got really backed-up with leaving feedbacks.

      kyarorin participated in my Sadol GO.
      She was very kind and communicative and payment was always made promptly.
      There was a mix-up with Sadol and throughout the process of sorting the problem with them, she was so patient and kind.
      All in all, she was an excellent GO participant and should she join my other GOs, I'd welcome her with open arms
      Thank you!!
    5. Hehe~ I bought my wonderful Nailo from her.
      She was will to hold him for me for like 3 months, and then shipped him right away.
      He's wonderful and perfect.
      There was a complication with money but she worked very very hard to get it straighten out and get ahold of me to fix the problem.
      Awsome person who is nice and wonderful to work with I give 1000% YES, with a A++++++

      Thank you~
    6. Kyarorin bought a shirt from me. She was very kind! Fast payment and easy communication, excellent buyer! :)

      Thank you so much!
    7. Kyarorin was part of group order I hosted. Great communication, quick payment, everything went great! Thanks so much!