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>>> Feedback for Kymera <<<

Dec 22, 2009

    1. Decided to start a feedback thread for myself, now that I've got a few MP transactions under my belt. Please leave a note if you've had a transaction with me. Even if it's just to say I'm horrible to deal with, LOL.
    2. Kymera is a wonderful buyer! easy responses, quick payment! thank you very much!
    3. Kymera purchased a Bygg unicorn tail from me and was simply splendid to deal with. Quick payment and great communication, all the makings of a wonderful transaction and more. :) I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her in the future at all~

      &#9829;[ Thank you for your purchase!! ]&#9829;​
    4. Kymera participated in my twenty-first Leekeworld group order and everything went through wonderfully well. Payments were made in a prompt, timely fashion and communication from their end was kept up quite well. ^^ Dealing with them was incredibly easy and hassle-free and I would be open to doing so again in the future.

      [ &#9829; &#9830; &#9827; &#9824; ]
      &#9786;][ Thank you for your participation in this order!! ][&#9786;
      [ &#9829; &#9830; &#9827; &#9824; ]
    5. she buoght my Taco R head and was wonderful! as we live close by each other, we met in person and the head was delivered via that way :)
    6. Kymera was a part of my recent dollmore go, and she was an AMAZING participant!
      She paid her invoices very quickly, and let me know when her items arrived!
      I would love to have her in any one of my GOs! :D Thank you so much!
    7. Kymera was in my Dollmore GO. SHe paid her invoices fast and was a pleasure to deal with.
    8. I made a partial trade with Kymera. My Loongsoul Emily head for a few wigs and a pair of shoes, plus some money. The trade went smoothly! The wigs and shoes were in great condition and she paid quickly! She was fun to deal with ^^ I would recommend her to anyone! =D
    9. I purchased a doll head from Kymera and it was a very easy and smooth transaction! She was very good with her responses, provided clear, large photos of the product and supplied additional information and an additional photo when I requested. She was very fair (more than fair!) about the shipping price, sent me a scan of the shipping receipt after I paid, packaged the head securely, and all in all it was a great transaction. x3
    10. Kymera hosted a split for a Loongsoul Michelle- she got the body, and I got the head- and it was a lovely transaction! She was always prompt to answer PMs, and was thorough in keeping track of and documenting everything. :) She's also great to chat with, and packed up my head very carefully for shipping... I really couldn't ask for a more ideal split!

      Thanks so much! :aheartbea
    11. I participated in Kymera's Alice's Collection group order. Everything went smoothy, communication and updates were prompt. I'd buy from her again.
    12. I participated in Kymera's Alice Collection GO. Everything went really well and my items arrived ery quickly after arrival from the company. I would definitely participate in future GOs hosted by Kymera.
    13. I was in Kymera's Alice Collection GO~ she was quick to respond to PM's and shipped items out fast! I'd love to participate in future GO's with her :)!
    14. Kymera purchased a pair of Iplehouse shoes from me. Transaction was great, payment was prompt, excellent communication, and she let me know when they arrived and even sent me a picture of her doll wearing them, which was really great to see :) Thanks for a great transaction Kim. Would definitely do business with you again :)
    15. Positive feedback
      Kymera bought some WDS eyes from me and the whole transaction was wonderful and Kymera even shared pictures of her beautiful girl wearing them.:love
      Thank you so much Kymera:hug:
    16. I sold a Loongsoul Momo to Kymera. Communication was excellent throughout the transaction, even letting me know that the doll arrived. Payment was prompt, too, which I really appreciate. She was lovely to sell to, and I would gladly do a transaction with her again. Thanks!
    17. Kymera purchased my Loongsoul XuanYan. Communication and payment were prompt and I even got to see post-arrival photos. A perfect transaction! I would happily do business again.

      Thanks! :)
    18. Kymera purchased DD hands from me. Great communication and promt payment. Also informed me right away when the package arrived. Thank you for the wonderful transaction!! ☺