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Feedback for Kynea

May 25, 2008

    1. Hi to everyone!!,

      Please leave your feedback about buying/selling transactions with me here. I will be very grateful ^^!!

      Thank you for everything!!:aheartbea
    2. I sold Kynea a Tender Lahoo head. Good communication and friendly. I received the payment very fast and she kept in touch with me throughout. Good buyer! A pleasure to work with. :)
    3. Great buyer! Thank so much!
    4. I sold Kynea soom beryl's horns and the transaction went very smooth. Communication was great and super fast payment! Thank you for being such a great buyer! :)
    5. Kynea bought a Sleeping Breakaway Vamp '05 from me, and she was just wonderful; the transaction went very smoothly! Thank you so much, Kynea!
    6. I had two transactions with Kynea and both were perfect. She first purchased the Sard body and at a later date, she also bought the Sard head. She is one of the nicest people I have dealt with on DoA. She's excellent with communication and paid ahead of schedule. I highly recommend her. Thank you so much :D
    7. Kynea purchased a guitar from me. Excellent transaction! Great communication and amazing person to deal with. Can't wait to see her back =^_^=
    8. Kynea bought a Kalix outfit from me, she was very patient, paid immediately and wonderful to deal with. Excellent communication and definitely Recommended ^^ Thank you!
    9. I sold Kynea a pair of guitars and chairs. She was very quick to communicate and pay. I would definitely do business with her again ^ ^
    10. Kynea bought an Elfdoll I-Ra set from me on layaway, she made her deposit right away, and was good and friendly with communication. She paid off her layaway a few days before the balance was due, and she has been a pleasure to deal with! Thank you :)
    11. she bought a huge motorcycle from me. everything went great. gkad to sell to her, and would gladly do so again!
    12. Kynea purchased a doll from me on long layaway, everything worked out even though there were a few delays on both sides, she is very nice to deal with and friendly, thanks :)
    13. Kynea purchased a LE outfit from me and it was a smooth transaction (except for the part where I had to send out the belt in a separate envelope because I forgot to include it :sweat )

      Kynea's end was excellent!! :)
    14. Kynea bought Volks sofa fro me. Very smooth transaction with lightning payment. Thank you for being terrific buyer!! :aheartbea
    15. I Did A Heliot Split With Kynea And He Just Arrived Safely To Me..thank You For Letting Me Do The Split Kynea
    16. i bought a heliot head from kynea, & despite some concerns at one point, it was a very good transaction.
    17. oops, i hit tab+enter by mistake, & i can't edit.

      continuing... the head was packaged very nicely, & arrived in perfect condition.

      thank you very much again! =)
    18. Participated in one of Kynea's Heliot splits -- for my part, at least, communication was good and PMs were usually promptly replied to. Shipping was quick, and my items arrived safely and in good condition -- overall, the transaction went smoothly.