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Feedback for Kyothu

Apr 13, 2010

    1. I am Kyothu aka Kyothu1991 from DA :P This is for the future :):lol:
    2. Kyothu bought pants and a hat from me. Transaction was perfect, payment was timely and communication was awesome would definitely recommend to anyone.
    3. Unfortunately I have to update with the status of a recent transaction with Kyothu. She bailed out of the 3-month layaway she had with me for a CB M-line body. I understand she had family issues but I was assured that they would not get in the way of completing the layaway. She claimed to have sent money to the wrong person and she couldn't get it back (I don't know whether this is true or not but I assume that it may be since our agreement was make payments as you wish as long as its paid in 3 months so it would make no sense to lie :/ ).

      With no contact for almost 3 weeks I paged her when her layaway was due and she took an almost additional 2 weeks to contact me telling me she couldn't buy the body anymore for personal reasons which I will not disclose here out of respect. I only wish I was told this sooner as I feel like she knew this for a while. Although I have to say until mid-july she was great with communication. I wish her luck in the future.