Feedback for Labecula

Mar 2, 2017

    1. Please leave feedback for me here …

    2. I sold Labecula the Dreaming Migidoll Ell head. She paid very quickly, and the communication was great.
      Labecula is veeeeery friendly, I would gladly recommend her.:hug:
      Thank you the transaction! ^^
    3. She bought me a vampire Stella from Iple.
      The payment was very fast and without layaway. Perfect communication. Labelacula is very friendly.
      I recommend her at 100%
      Thank you very much for the transaction! :3nodding:
    4. Labecula commissioned me for a faceup on her beautiful Ringdoll Sol.
      She entrusted me with her vision to recreate her character Milan, whom she described in great detail so I could really see him manifesting before my inner eye.
      As she responding promptly and extensively to my inquiries, I can only say our communication was nothing less of delightful!

      It was an absolute joy to work with Labecula and I do hope we can do it again some time in the future.
      Thank you so much for this opportunity!
    5. I sold Ai outfit set to Labecula. The communication was great, and she paid very quickly.
      I would gladly recommend her.
      Thank you the transaction!
    6. I sold a doll to Labecula and it was a positive transaction, she paid immediately and let me know when her boy arrived. Thank-you!:sumomo:
    7. Labecula adopted Soom Heliot from me, communication was great and transaction went smoothly. She also notified me when the doll arrived. Its really a pleasure to do business with her. Have a great day, dear!