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FeedBack for lace84 :)

Aug 8, 2007

    1. When i´m soon are going to make transactions with you from this site, pleas give me feedback!
    2. I have unbelievable bad feedback to Bambi.
      She was going to buy my Moon. Price and more, everything went smooth and she promised to set the money into my bank account 8. nov. But that didn't happened, since the bus seemed to go on strike, and Bambi couldn't go to the bank.
      Then she told me that the money would come 9. nov, but now we have 16 nov and I have still not seen any money at all. She said they already were taking off her account and sent to mine, and she was going to call her bank and hear what was wrong, and afterwards write back to me, though she never did.
      I sent her 2 PM's, which she haven't read yet. But if you are into business, haven't paid, is the only thing to do is to write back to the seller at least. Especially since she ALSO got my phone number, then she could write to me, and it was her asking for it, so she could message me when the money was going in.
      So I won't recommend Bambi as buyer. My Moon is on sale again, and should I suddenly get the money from Bambi, will I return them.
    3. so sorry, but I made a mistake by calling lace84 Bambi, its her name on our danish doll forum resin garden. My mistake, but I can't edit it...
    4. I have *more* unbelievably bad feedback for lace84.
      The entire situation can be read here in the paging thread

      I purchased a modded Soom Namu head from lace84 in December. She was very sweet at first, expressing her happiness that I had purchased her head because he made her sad and she wanted to see him go to a good home. BUT shortly after paying in full that same day and agreeing with lace84 that she could hold off shipping until after the holidays, lace84 disappeared--or rather never shipped my head, and refused to contact me in any way, shape or form. I saw proof that she continued to visit DOA in her profile (documented in the paging thread) and post on the Danish boards--but I never got my head, and I have yet to be refunded.

      I opened first a paypal dispute (to which she never responded) then a paypal claim, which I won, but have not received any money from because there is none in her account. lace84 has been back on DOA for the last two days, and has yet to respond to this situation in any way. And as the paging thread shows, I am not the only one having issues with her. I've since *replaced* the Soom Namu head with a *brand new* one direct from Soom. Now I just want my money back.

      She should be prevented from further swindling people here on DOA.