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Feedback for Lady Douji

May 29, 2007

    1. Well I've completed a few transactions on DoA and felt it was time for a feedback thread, so if you've had a transaction with me, please leave a comment.
    2. Our first transaction with Lady Douji was great. Quick payment and a real pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much
    3. participated in my dollmore group order. Dollmore left out one of her items, but she was very friendly and understanding through the whole process while I was working things out with dollmore. Quick payments and an overall smooth transaction.
    4. Lady Douji just bought a DOC Tender Too head from me! Absolutely wonderful to work with and paid right on time! :) Thanks!
    5. Ordered restringing tools from Lady Douji, she shipped them out quick, and I in turn, received them quick. =)
    6. Participated in her LUTS Group order. Excellent and wonderful to work with. Shipping of my item was extremely quick too!

    7. I took part in her group order. Lady Douji was easy to communicate with, and she was very nice and friendly. She kept us up to date on the order and shipped it before I knew it. My items arrived nicely packaged and in good condition just the other day.
    8. I participated in Lady Douji's fairyland group order and she was fantastic! Kept us updated the whole time and shipped everything out perfectly. I would definitely do another one :D

      Thanks again!
    9. I joined the group order for FairyLand that Lady Douji ran. Everything went perfectly, the communication was great and I never worried for a moment that my order was not in good hands! Lady Douji also delayed shipping my order to me per my request since I was out of town, which was very accommodating. Thank you!
    10. Speedy payment, commuicative and wonderful buyer-- highly recommended!
    11. i was also part of the group order, i'm very grateful to lady douji for organising it especially while she was so busy with school work as well, thanks:) everything went very well, very highly recomended.
    12. I recently bought her mnf Bw el open eyed head and the transaction couldn't have gone any better!

      she shipped it really fast too - I just got the head today!

      I would recommend her highly!

      thank you so much!
    13. I participated in a Leeke GO hosted by Lady Douji and it went by very smoothly! She kept us updated and sent the wig out promptly when it arrived! Thanks!
    14. I participated in a Leeke group order with Lady Douji and she was very good to work with. She was quick to communicate and update us on the status. I would definitely do another with her.
    15. I participated in a Leeke GO run by Lady Douji and just received my wig. She was very quick to respond and very nice. Thanks again :)
    16. I also participated in the Leeke GO organized by Lady Douji. received them rather quick (international order) in a really big box lol
      anyway it went smooth. thank you for taking care of my order :)
    17. Lady Douji purchased paintbrushes from me. She was lovely to deal with! She paid quickly and was polite and friendly in all her pms. I would certainly do business with her again! :thumbup
    18. I just completed a trade with Lady Douji and it couldn't have gone more smoothly. She shipped her item immediately, kept great communication and was a pleasure to work with! I'd deal with her any time
    19. Participated in a group order run by Lady Douji. Wig arrived safely to me, thanks.
    20. Lady Douji ran a LEEKE group order that I participated in. She was very good with communication, charged fair shipping, ordered the correct items and packaged them well. I had a very good GO experience and would absolutely do business with her again. :)