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~Feedback for Lady Kanna~

Aug 24, 2010

    1. Please leave feedback for any transactions with me here! Thank you! :)
    2. I sold a dress to Lady Kanna and it was a perfect transaction! Fast payment and good communication. Thanks Kathy!
    3. I sold a pair of dollheart shoes to Lady Kanna. She paid SUPER fast, and let me know immediately when they arrived. A very smooth and excellent transaction ^_^ Thank you!
    4. Lady Kanna took part in my eleventh LUTS group order and things went through smoothly. Communication from her end left nothing to be desire and invoices were promptly paid. Dealing with her was exceptionally easy and I would recommend her without a moment's hesitation.

      ♥[ Thank you for your participation in one of my group orders!! ]♥​
    5. I bought a DoT Dream head from Lady Kanna. She shipped very quickly and had great communication. I'd buy from her again!
      Thanks. :D
    6. I bought a FL fox faceplate from Lady Kanna, she was a pleasure to buy from, fast shipping and wonderful communication. I would buy from her again!! Thank you!
    7. Lady Kanna bought a wig from me she was terrific to deal with THANKS :)
    8. i bought a D.O.D dream event head from Lady Kanna, she was a wonderful seller, she replied quickly to all my questions and had wonderful communication. i would recommend her to anyone ^w^ i would buy from her again <3
      Thank you >w< <333
    9. Lady Kanna purchased one of my skirts, she paid promptly and pmed me when she received the package!

      Lovely person to do business with! Buy or Sell with confidence : )
    10. LadyKanna Participated in my nDoll Group Order. She paid very promptly and was very understanding since a few updates were made late. I would love to work with her again. ^ ^
    11. Lady Kanna recently participated in my 20th Leekeworld group order and we had a smooth and easy transaction from initiation to completion. Payments were received in a prompt fashion and communication was consistently kept up from their end. A pleasant transaction with no flaws~ :D

      &#9829;[ Thank you for your participation in one of my group orders!! ]&#9829;
    12. Lady Kanna is an excellent buyer. She purchased a Volks Lieselotte fullset from me. She had excellent communication, paid quickly, and was very lovely to deal with. I couldn't have asked for a smoother transaction.

      Thank you!
    13. Bought a PP Polar Bear faceplate from Kathy, and am very, very happy!! She answered my inquiry immediately, gave me a great deal, and mailed it immediately. Thank you, Kathy!!
    14. She bought a Volks SD Chika from me. Absolutely wonderful buyer. Very friendly to deal with, replies quickly to messages and paid immediately. It was a great transaction.
    15. Lady Kanna was part of my ED GO. She was very prompt in payment and communication, and she informed me as soon as the eyes arrived. Great GO partner! Thank you again!
    16. Back yet again and nothing at all has changed. :D This time around, Lady Kanna took part in my twenty-second Leekeworld group order and was once again a remarkably splendid participant to deal with. I can say that I would happily deal with them yet again, without a moment's hesitation. ^^ Definitely deserving of recommendation, so I recommend them rather highly~

      [ &#9829; &#9830; &#9827; &#9824; ]
      &#9786;][ T h a n k i e s!! ][&#9786;
      [ &#9829; &#9830; &#9827; &#9824; ]
    17. Lady Kanna purchased both an outfit and a pair of boots from me separately! Both times communication and payment were super quick and pleasant ^^ I wouldn't hesitate to have another transaction with her again!

      Thanks so much <3
    18. Lady Kanna bought my Volks Mihmi and she was wonderful! A perfect buyer with excellent communication and fast replies. I would sell again to her anytime. I can't say enough how great this transaction has been :) Thank you!
    19. Lady Kanna bought a Volks Mihmi from me. Her PM's were friendly and she paid promptly. I am so that glad that Mihmi has found a nice new home, and I would gladly do business with her again any day.

    20. Lady Kanna commissioned a little plushie from me ^^ Payment was quick and communication was prompt - I wouldn't think twice about having another transaction with her, it went smoothly!

      Thanks so much <3