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Feedback for lady-kitsune

Jul 10, 2009

    1. Feel free to leave feedback if you happen to have any transactions with me :chocoberry
    2. Lady-Kitsune bought a couple wigs from me and she was very pleasant to do business with. Great communication, fast payment. Thanks So Much and come back anytime:]
    3. Lady-Kitsune bought a wig from me. She paid fast and the communication was really friendly and nice :) I definitely recommend her!

      Thank you again! :)
    4. Lady-Kitsune is just the best!!! Great communication. I made 2 OOAK outfits for her and she was awesome to work with.
    5. I bought a Luts SDF Winter '09 Event head from Lady-Kitsune, everything went perfect, quick and nice communication, fast shipping and very well packed! :) Thank you very much! Anytime again!
    6. Just made Lady Kitsune another outfit from her own design. What an awesome customer! Highly recommend!
    7. lady-kitsune purchased a Soom Galena head from me. She was very kind and we had a wonderful transaction. I would happily work with her again :)

      Thank you n.n
    8. I bought a sleeping Appini head an it's cat arms from Lady-kitsune, and she was wonderful to deal with. Let me pay it off in two parts an shipped them out right away. She replied quickly to all my PM's and answered all my questions. Thanks so much... and the drawing of the cat was so cute! X3!
    9. she was part of my Syen split, and everything went smooth, good communications and payment, thanks! :)
    10. I sold lady-kitsune shoes, she paid quick, and the communisation was good. I highly recommended her. Thank you ^^
    11. I bought Soom Nephelin horns and everythin went great c: good communication and the shipping was super fast and they arrived in one piece. Very happy, thank you ^^
    12. Lady-Kitsune is wonderful to do business with! I bought a AOD Rao from her and she shipped it quickly and safely wrapped for me. She was even kind enough to keep alert with tracking and translate it for me as well. I would love to do business again!
    13. lady-kitsune bought an outfit from my shop, and she was wonderful! Her communication is very consistent and friendly, payment is super fast, and took the time to let us know that the outfit arrived safely. It was an overall very smooth transaction on my part. I definitely look forward to working with her again and highly recommend her to anyone! :D

      Thank you so much again for everything--it's really been a pleasure working with you! :aheartbea ^__^
    14. I have just bought a PukiFee from lady-kitsune and she shipped very quickly and the doll was well packged.
      Thanks for a smooth, easy transaction.
    15. i would highly recomend lady-kitsune to everyone, a real pleasure to deal with
      the item was just as description and i am thrilled with my purchase
      i was kept informed all the way through

      thank you so much - i will get to work on the legs later! lol xx
    16. lady-kitsune bought a Volks Chika from me on layaway. It was a flawless transaction, and I'd be more than happy to do business with her again anytime! Thanks!!
    17. I bought a pair of wing-nephilim to Lady Kitsune and everything was perfect. She sent my order very quickly and the wings were fully packed.
    18. Lady Kitsune commissioned me for 2 dresses. She paid quick and the communication was perfect. She is really kind person, perfect to deal with. Highly recommended :) Thank you, and I hope to work with you again.
    19. It's always a pleasure to do business with lady-kitsune. She bought a custom colored outfit from my shop, and as before, it's a joy to exchange PMs with her, payment is super fast, and she took the time to let us know that the outfit arrived safely. I definitely look forward to working with her again and highly recommend her to anyone! :D

      Thank you so much again for everything--we hope that your girl will like this outfit! :aheartbea ^__^
    20. lady-kitsune bought a SD girl's outfit from me and she was wonderful to deal with. ^^ Thanks!