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Feedback for Lady Ravenswood

Jul 23, 2009

    1. Hello,

      Please post feedback for transactions with me here. ^_^
    2. Sold lady ravenswood a Heliot body.
      There was some delay on my part, but she was great and understanding. Fast replies and overall a great buyer!

      Thanks for the transaction :)
    3. Lady Ravenswood participated in my Soom Galena split for the wig. We actually did a trade :) In exchange for the wig she allowed me a commission for a beautiful gown that was very well made for my Soom Amber. I am VERY pleased with the whole transaction. She is very sweet and I would happily work with her again.

      I highly recommend her!
    4. I sold Lady Ravenswood some of my polymer clay tarts and she was such a dear to work with! She paid promtly and the communication was great. I would not hesitate to do buisness with her again!
    5. I have sold a cheongsam couture to Lady Ravenwood, the transection was prompt and she is a wonderful lady! both tumbs up for her!!!! you should not hesitate to sell things to her.
    6. Lady Ravenswood bought a wig from me. Her payment was fast & communication perfect. ^_^
    7. I sold a Soom Mecha Angel Saiph to Lady Ravenswood and the transaction was a breeze! She sent her monthly layaway payments promptly and sent me a note to alert me to the payment each time. She notified me as soon as the doll arrived safely. I couldn't be more pleased with the re-homing! Thank you so much! :)
    8. Lady Ravenswood bought some ED eyes from me and she was a joy to deal with. Thank you!!! <3
    9. Lady Ravenswood bought my Volks Yu Morisawa. She paid quickly and maintained prompt and friendly communication, and let me know when Yu arrived safely that she was happy with her. Thanks so much!!!
    10. Lady Ravenswood purchased a Volks Belle fullset outfit from me and paid super fast and let me know as soon as it arrived.
      I highly recommend her! Thanks so much for a great transaction!
    11. I sold a doll volks to Lady Ravenswood
      very good transaction
    12. Lady Ravenswood purchased a Soom MechaAngel from me. She is a delight, a true lover of the doll art form, and I couldn't be happier that this rare doll now joined her sophisticated collection. Goes without saying that the whole transaction was very pleasant.
    13. Lady Ravenswood purchased Nabarro Cyril head from me and the transaction was great, I highly reccomend CLady Ravenswood as a buyer! :3nodding:
    14. Lady Ravenswood bought a pair of VOLKS SD boots from me. Communication is excellent, payment came swiftly, and she let me know immediately when the package arrived, and left feedback promptly, too. <3 An excellent and recommended buyer. :3
    15. I sold my Mecha Angel Saiph to Lady Ravenswood. The transaction was very pleasant, communication was very friendly, and in the short layaway the payments were sent as planned. She also let me know when the doll arrived. I can recommend her as a buyer :)
    16. Lady Ravenswood bought Volks Mia's default boots from me. She was very prompt in communication and payment :D I had a great time dealing with her and will not hesitate to do it again in the future!
    17. I sold a Nabarro Cyril head to Lady Ravenswood. The transaction went very smoothly and communication was great. She also let me know about receiving the parcel. I would definitely do business with her again!
      Thank you!:D
    18. Lady Ravenswood bought a Nabarro Har head from me.
      Communication/payment was very fast and she was polite and a pleasure to deal with. Let me know as soon as the head arrived and left feedback promptly which was appreciated! Would definitely do business with her again, thank you very much!
    19. I sold several pairs of Volks SDGrG hands to @Lady Ravenswood and the transaction went smoothly from start to finish. Communication was fast and friendly, payment immediate, and she let me know when the package arrived! Thanks so much! <3
    20. @Lady Ravenswood bought Nabarro Wally from me. It was great transaction without layaway and I'm so glad he is in very good hands now)