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Feedback for Lady Samhainne

Dec 4, 2006

    1. Hello all! This is where you can leave feedback for doll transactions and faceups from me.

      Lady Samhainne
    2. I have had numerous wonderful transactions with Lady Samhainne. She rocks! She has sold me numerous doll items as well as done a few face ups for me.
      I can't wait to have her paint my Nono.

      She is one of the nicest people ever!:aheartbea
    3. I got my El back today; the faceup is outstanding, even more beautiful than the gorgeous pictures! I couldn't be happier, and everything was perfect; he got here right away, insured, and the faceup price was incredibly reasonable! Wonderful artist, and such a nice person :aheartbea Thank you for bringing my boy to life :)
    4. I just got back San and Tenebrynn; they looked stunning in the pics, but even more amazing up close!

      They are both loving their new look. Thank you for doing such a gorgeous job on both of them! Think Tenebrynn will be staying with us now. ;)
    5. I bought my Kurumi from Lady Samhainne. She has been wonderful and very reassuring throughout the whole transaction. She is a wonderful seller and I will highly recommend her.

      Thank you very much.


    6. Just got my Touda back from Lady Samhainne. His face-up is gorgeous and it was a very satisfying transaction.
    7. Just sold my Hewitt Version 2 to Lady Samhainne The quickest transaction EVER:D Paid right after auction end, Polite, & very sweet... Would do buissness with her in a heartbeat... Great Perfect Transaction every step of the way;)
    8. Lady Samhainne participated in a LUTS group order I ran, was very timely with payments! Really, a pleasure to deal with^^
    9. Lady Samhainne bought 3 chibis from me, and she's been a pleasure to deal with, definitly recommended ^_^
    10. I just had another great head painted by my lovely friend Lady Samhainne. Her work just keeps getting better and better!! :aheartbea
    11. Lady Samhainne and I swapped wigs through mail (group order mix-up), and she was very friendly and sweet^^ She answered PMs quickly, kept up good communication, and shipped fast. It was like dealing with an old friend :)
    12. Lady Samhainne is VERY talented and ultra friendly and professional. She painted my VDES and did a wondrous job. My VDES is exaclty the way I wanted her^^
      I can't wait to ship my Juri '05 to Lady Samhainne!!
    13. Tamara did two more wonderful faceups for me.


    14. Tamara is a lovely sweet person to work with. She commissioned me for art and she's one of the most wonderful people to communicate with. She was highly understanding and friendly, making my drawing experience a great one! :aheartbea I would love to deal with her again. X3
    15. I recently sold a doll to Tamara. She is awesome. Very friendly. Great communication! Quick pay. She is just so nice! Would definitely do business again!
    16. I just had a face-up done by Tamara and the whole transaction was fantastic. She kept me informed and updated every step of the way and went out of her way to make sure I got my boy back before I went on vacation! Thanks again and expect to hear from me soon!
    17. Yesterday (25th) I received a coat which I bought from Tamara on the 20th, and, NB, I live in Europe! The coat is beautiful, very professionnally made by her mother. So, great item, very nice communication and fast shipping = highly recommended seller:D Thank you very much.
    18. Was part of a group order I hosted - great to deal with, paid promptly. Would do business with again.
    19. Got Kian and Vincent Valentine's face ups done through here (both my shiwoo heads). Communication was amazing and she was a pleasure to work with. I plan on doing business with her again in the near future.
    20. Tamara did a wonderful face up for my Jondalar (Mythdoll Little Leroi). She's very talented and a pleasure to work with! She communitcaed well and I hope to go to her for future face ups!