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Feedback for Lady Thesta

Jun 6, 2007

    1. Hello! This is my personal feedback thread. So if you have had any transactions with me please post. Thank you!

      -Lady Thesta
    2. I just sold a pair of shoes to Lady Thesta. Nice and smooth transaction, very nice communication. I would certainly do business with her again. Thanks a lot.
    3. Sold this lovely lady a pair of eyes! Great communication, super friendly, NO problems whatsoever! I would gladly do business with her again!
    4. Lady Thesta bought a knit top from me and was a pleasure to deal with! Her payment was fast and she communicated well through our transaction. Thanks again! I'll gladly do business with you again! :)
    5. I had comissioned a mask from her, and it came out very nice :D

      There was some wait time, but only because she was at school, and she was kind enough to let me know where she was with the mask, and showed me pictures before it was finished.

      Thanks so much :D
    6. Lady Thesta purchased a DoC body from me, and the transaction was absolutely stellar! She was very prompt to pay, and equally as prompt in getting back to my chatty self via PM. XD;

      I definitely wouldn't hesitate to do business with Lady Thesta in the future, and she has my utmost thanks~ ;v;
    7. I just did business with Lady thesta.

      I bought a DOC slightly tarnished girl body.

      Shipping was excellent, good communication and an EXSPECIALLY good product. I would do business with her again and again :)