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Feedback for lady

Jun 26, 2008

    1. Hello everyone:)
      This is my feedback.
      Please leave your ideas here ;)
    2. I bought a beautiful VDES head from lady and I am so happy! It was a great price, arrived very fast, and was very carefully packed in a cute container. Lady is one of the best sellers I've dealt with, thanks!! :)
    3. Bought a precious little Cherishdoll Alley from lady and I'm very very pleased! Communication was wonderful and the package was sent out, not only ahead of schedule, but so well packaged there was absolutely no chance of anything happening to the little thing! Wonderful Seller. I'd do business with her again for sure! :D
    4. I purchased a pinky white Narae from Lady, and she is lovely. Shipping from overseas was also very quick. Many thanks!

    5. I purchased a Souldoll Lee Jun Ki head from Lady. Shipping was extremely prompt and communication was awesome! I would certainly buy from her again. :)
    6. I purchased a puki Loreley from Lady, and the transaction was satisfactory, overall.

      The beginning of it was very rough. After agreeing to sell to me and wait for my payment the next day, she contacted me to inform me she'd decided to sell to someone who could pay immediately. Understandably upset, since we'd agreed to the transaction, I admittedly pitched a fit, pointing out that she had already agreed to sell to me, and was reneging on our agreement.

      But, upon realizing that she'd broken her word with me and the rules of Den of Angels, she immediately worked very hard to rectify the situation. I did end up buying the doll, and once that speedbump was covered, the whole transaction was smooth. She kept in touch, making sure the doll arrived safely (which she did), and in good condition (which she was).

      I'm not sure if I'd do business with her again, but I do feel very satisfied about this particular transaction.
    7. I bought a Souldoll Double body from lady. She's very nice and polite and sent it asap. It arrived in good condition and didn't get charged by UK customs because she marked it down on the EMS form. She kept track of where the package was and made sure to ask me to check the doll thoroughly to see if everything was there. I understand she did not spend the money until she was sure that everything was fine, so that she could refund if she needed to. The only critisism I have is that she was a little pushy when it came to payment.
    8. I bought a LeeJun outfit from lady. She was very sweet, responsible and quick at responding to PMs and shipping! She kept an eye on the item during the delivery process and gave me updates. I'm so happy with my purchase :)
    9. I bought my Zaoll Luv from lady with layaway. Her communication was excellent, very prompt. Shipping was great as well, and everything was honest and up front. Would definitely not hesitate to purchase from her again, this was one of the best transactions I've ever had on DoA!
    10. I bought a beautiful Limhwa Half Elf from lady, and I can recommend this member to anyone out there. The doll was very well packed, shipped fast, and communication was great. Thank you so much lady!
    11. I bought a lovely narae from her and she was very helpful. it was a very easy transaction and I'd love to deal with her again.
    12. lady sold me her Cherry Castle Ivy. Quick and great communication, she was even kind enough to hold the shipping since I was out of town at the time of purchase. Thank you for everything :)