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Feedback for LadyDragonflyAJH

Dec 4, 2006

    1. Feedback thread for LadyDragonflyAJH. If you've had a transaction with me please put something here. Thank you!

      You can also find my ebay feeback here:
    2. waves to LadyDragonFly
      super customer :)
    3. good customer, very responsive
    4. Great customer! She paid promptly when her shoes were ready to go.

      We're also having a great trade going on as well. :thumbup
    5. Great costumer!!! Very friendly and sweety! :) Immediate payment! Thanks, Amanda!!! ;)

      A+++++++++++++++++ :)
    6. Amanda is an amazing person to deal with. I know her personally, and have had nothing but wonderful experiences with her. <3 She recently let me do a faceup for her Soom Mini Gem, and I would love to do it again, any time!
    7. perfect transaction .. really works well w/seller (in MY case) to make a deal a GO.
      Do not hesitate to hold any transactions with her.:love
    8. Wonderful buyer! She purchased some hand-knitted Jayne hats from minnesotatoast and I. The transaction was very smooth ;)
    9. This lovely lady participated in one of my group orders and as a great pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend her.
    10. Amanda has always been a dream to work with! She's quick with payment and always a sweetieface. <3
    11. Had a great transaction with LadyDragonfly ^^. She participated in my group order and was very quick to pay. Even though our order from dollmore was severely delayed, she was very patient. She kept good communication and was a pleasure to work with. I would definitely reccommend her for smooth transactions :D
    12. She ordered a doll carrier and some cozy sacks. She paid very promptly and was good to work with. Thanks again! I recommend her.
    13. Wonderful customer! Prompt payment and very friendly. Thank you :)
    14. Amanda is a wonderful buyer - can't ask for any better. Michele
    15. She commissioned me for a face-up, and was a real pleasure to deal with ^^

    16. She bought a pair of pants from me... paid promptly, and was a pleasure to deal with! Great customer!

    17. Amanda participated in the group order i ran for soom. she paid quickly and had excellent communication. she's an awesome person to deal with :D
    18. She's ordered two things from me and paid promptly both times, thank you very much!
    19. Just sold a doll to Amanda and she paid immediately. Great deal, thanks Amanda! :)
    20. Nice buyer, would be happy to deal with again! :)