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Feedback for Ladyeridan

Aug 30, 2009

    1. Heh. It occurs to me there might be folks who want to leave me feedback - if so, this is the place!:smallcake
    2. LadyEridan bought a pair of glass eyes from me. She was very commuicative and friendly and I would welcome her business again. Thank you very much! Enjoy the eyes! :aheartbea
    3. I sold my Akando to LadyEridan, on layaway. Communication was prompt and friendly, and she paid it off earlier than originally planned. An excellent transaction all around.
    4. I bought an EID Iplehouse wig from LadyEridan. She was courteous and pleasant to work with, and the wig got here safely with no problems. Lots of communication!
    5. I bought an iplehouse wig from Ladyeridan with the intent to give it to a friend of mine. She emailed me pictures and her patience was outstanding. She was friendly and kind, prompt and very communicative. The wig was beautiful and the person who recieved it was more than pleased with it. I also passed her name along to this person incase she would like to buy something off of LadyEridan, since I had such great dealings with her. Thank you so much!

      And her Akando.... What a wonderful model ;) He's great and posed well for pictures to display the wig for me. :D :D All around, great to deal with. Thanks again!
    6. I've done business several times with Ladyeridan, generally in-person. She's very awesome, pays quickly, and is just all-around fun!
    7. I bought a Puki Cupid faceplate from Ladyeridan. She was very prompt in communicating, super friendly, and didn't have a problem answering my millions of questions. After payment, the faceplate was shipped quickly. On arrival, the faceplate was perfect and she packed it ever so carefully so that it would arrive safely. Very good seller, and amazing person. Thanks so much.
    8. I bought a Pukisha etched metal plate and Lucky Punch hands from LadyEridan. I received everything nicely wrapped and totally perfect. She was really nice to talk to and her prices were very reasonable!

      Mish Mu is really happy with his new accessories! Thank you so much :3
    9. I purchased 4 items of clothing and a pair of shoes for EID Akando from LadyEridan. This was a smooth, pleasant transaction. Package was sent on 3/3/10 and arrived on 10/3/10. Everything was tidy, clean and neatly packaged. Many thanks for a really great transaction.
    10. I bought an Iplehouse Akando-Pierrot from LadyEridan.
      This was my first BJD and she was extremely helpful with all the questions I had(even after I got him).
      She sent him away very quickly and I had him and his stuff within three weeks, neatly packed.
      Really happy with him! :aheartbea