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Feedback for Ladylovemark

Jun 13, 2008

    1. Hi everyone! :daisy
      Please, feel free to leave your feedback here if you ever had a transaction with me,
      and I'll do the same for you :daisy
      Thank you! :)

      By the way, here is a list of all my DoA transactions so far, hope this helps!

      Very nice and reliable sellers:

      Bianca P. (I got my SD Ken from her )

      Lemonday (Dollmore) (I got my Chiwoo from her )

      Jessica (Glass Mountain) (I got my El from her )

      Hyla, Emily, Charlotte, Keigo, Stella, Eric (Celga)
      (They helped me get my MSD boy, my SD13 boy and my SD13 girl )

      Toety (I got my Magical Michael head from her )

      Karin Bussman

      Jun (Claudia from Mexico)

      Babs (Deliolith)

      Stacey Carpenter (Dollwear by Staci)

      Elaine (Poshdolls)


      Alan Kan (KK Workshop)

      Rain (Aziza Creations)




      Natalie's Toy House





      Jean (envy4ever)


      Anika (gothiclibrarian)

      Hobby Link Japan

      Loki's Mom

      Amy (many thanks for the lovely Kero beanie as a bonus gift!)



      Video game addict

      Anrui Ukimi


      Very nice and reliable buyers:



      Marilyn M. (and Kiriko Moth that so kindly helped us ^_^)

      Karisu (and SporkNinja that so kindly helped us ^_^ )
    2. Feedback Update:

      I want to add to the previous Good Traders' List my friend ria_ria :daisy
    3. Feedback Update:

      I want to add Manami to the previous Good Traders' List: I have bought a beautiful pair of Volks cobalt glass eyes from her :daisy
    4. I sold a pair of glass eyes to ladylovemark. Payment was sent promptly and PMs were replied to in the same quick manner. I was also notified when the eyes arrived. There was a minor delay due to a bit of miss communication on my policies but everything was worked out in a clean, polite fashion.

      I would be more than willing to sell things to ladylovemark again. Thank you so much!