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Feedback for LadyMoo

May 23, 2012

    1. Hi there, I have no idea what im doing! :D

      I'm posting this here because the marketplace is telling me I need a feed back thread! Soo... yeah! Happy back feeding!
    2. Lady Moo joined my Resinsoul GO, and got a pair of NS Ming hands. Her payments were on time, communication was excellent, and she let me know about a possible issue with the package! Thankfully it got to her safe and sounds. :)
      I would gladly let her join in my next RS GO!
    3. I sold my RS Bao to LadyMoo and she was great to work with. Very friendly, paid promptly, and let me know once she received the doll. She was great to work with, and just a great buyer overall. Thank you!