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Feedback for ladynarutochan

Sep 24, 2008

    1. Hello,

      If you've bought from me or if I've purchased something from you, please feel free to leave a feedback to let others know how it went.

      Thanks in advance.
    2. LadyNarutoChan participated in my Michael Jackson Minimee group order and she also purchased an Ante Multihead from me. On both accounts, she was a pleasure to deal with. Extremely communicative and on top of responding to invoices, I recommend her quite highly.

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for being a part of the Michael order and also for your purchase! :pcake:bcake
    3. I recently had a wonderful transaction with ladynarutochan :D She purchased the Beyla hooves, paid inmediately and kept great communication :] she was a huge pleasure to deal with and highly recommend her as a buyer! thank you *bows*
    4. Positive! ladynarutochan participated on a Soom split that I ran, most importantly communication and payments were prompt. Communication was also friendly and she PMed me when her portion of the split arrived. ladynarutochan is a wonderful split partner!
    5. ladynarutochan joined a soom split of mine. She was very nice, and communication was great! Thanks for joining!
    6. I participated in ladynarutochan's Na'vi Jake Sully MnM GO. She kept us updated and ran a well organized GO. Communication was great. The head looks fantastic. Thanks so much! :)
    7. I participated in ladynarutochan's Na'vi Jake Sully MnM GO. It was excellently run. The head is awesome. Thanks so much.
    8. Was part of ladynarutochan's Jake Sully GO as well. Excellent to do business with! Thanks from me too!

      and agreed with Akeva, the head is gorgeous.
    9. ladynarutochan ran the go for the JakeSulley Mini Na'Vi head. She was wonderful to work with. Kept in constant communication and did a fantastic job getting a product that we all were happy with.
    10. LadyNarutoChan ordered some custom Na'Vi eyes from me. She paid quickly and was a pleasure to work with. Thank you.
    11. ladynarutochan took part in my Fairyland split, she was great to trade with, paid super fast and communication was great, she also kindly let me know when the package arrived safely. I would highly recommend her to everyone!!
    12. Ladynarutochan bought a corset lucky bag from me, I would recommend her as a buyer <3 Good communication, fast payment and she let me know when the set arrived. Thanks again!
    13. Ladynarutochan ordered six fur wigs from me, and was lovely to work with. Payment was quick and communication was fantastic. The only snag in our transaction was the post office, which lost the original parcel. >_< But ladynarutochan was very patient and understanding while we waited an extra little while (just in case it arrived late), and then waited again for me to replace the order, which I was happy to do. In the end it all worked out happily!

      Definitely a recommended buyer, anytime!
    14. Ladynarutochan was membrr of my Soom Feny Split and everything was great with her. Hope to deal with her again! ^o^