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feedback for Ladyrixx

Jun 2, 2006

    1. Please post if you've done business with me! :)
    2. Ladyrixx has participated in a group order i ran. she is a very swift payer :D recommended
    3. She's wonderful to work with, and very understanding! She's also fun to chat with ^.^
    4. Ladyrixx is awesome as usual :D
    5. Very nice to deal with, so politet and kind!!!!! ;)
    6. I sold a head to Ladyrixx. She was prompt, very polite and nice to deal with. :D
    7. Sold a doll body to LadyRixx! She was very pleasant and quick to respond. :)
      Highly recommended!
    8. I've just sold Ladyrixx one of my floating heads, and I have to say that I'm impressed! We agreed on a price and a time frame, and she was there the second the clock struck midnight, so to speak.

      But even more than that, she contacted me in advance to let me know it would take a couple of extra days to get the *complete* payment to me, because they'd had a family emergency and she had missed some work time.

      Imagine being so thoughtful as to even *think* about such a thing as a doll transaction during an emergency. Like I said, I'm tremendously impressed.

      Thumbs waaaay, waaaay up. :)
    9. Bought a pair of eyes from her ! She's friendly, efficient and replies PM's really quickly. It was my first transaction ever on DOA but I never needed to ask or wonder what to do next ! She sent the eyes out really fast too. Thanks ! :)
    10. I bought a furry wig from Ladyrixx and it arrived so fast! She was so nice and even gave me the delivery confirmation number!
      I highly recommend dealing with her! Thank you!!!
    11. I bought a Domuya body from Ladyrixx, and it was a perfect transaction. She sent the body the day after I paid, ensuring it would arrive before I left town. She also sent me the tracking number very promptly. The body arrived nicely packaged and in perfect, clean condition. Thanks for a great experience!
    12. Ladyrixx bought an item from me. It was a great transaction, she let me know once the package arrived!

      Thanks so much! :D
    13. Ladyrixx was a wonderful buyer. Very clear in PMs, quick payment, and was a pleasure to deal with.
    14. Ladyrixx bought a doll from me on layaway. There was a little trouble with one of the payments not coming through properly, but she fixed it quickly and made all the rest of her payments on time or early. She always kept good communication and overall it was a very pleasant transaction. I'd sell to her again for sure :).
    15. Ladyrixx purchased a pair of hands from me ^^ Payment was made super quick and communication was pleasant! I was also told once the package arrived safely :]

      Thanks for the great transaction!
    16. Ladyrixx responded to my WTB thread. She quoted a very reasonable price and even refunded me the difference when I overpaid for shipping. The item shipped quickly. Thanks for a great transaction!
    17. Ladyrixx bought a Volks doll from me. She was very prompt with her communication and payments (paying much quicker than expected) and was an absolute pleasure to work with. It was a great experience working with such a responsible and courteous buyer again and I'd absolutely recommend her! Thank you and enjoy your girl ^^ <3.