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Feedback for Ladysaiyuki :)

Apr 20, 2006

    1. Great communication and very fast shipping.
      Doesn't get any better than this.
      Thankyou so much Nat!
    2. *nods* yes! Ladysaiyuki is great!!! ^__^
    3. I agree! I don't know if I should start my own thread (are threads condensed by id here?), but I too received wonderful service and a great product from LadySaiyuki.

      Thank you!!
    4. I bought a wig from LadySaiyuki and the transaction was wonderful in every way, and extremely prompt considering the wig was posted overseas. :)
    5. I just recieved my girl body in perfect, wonderful condition from LadySaiyuki. Better than I could have expected!

      Thank you again.:aheartbea
    6. Awe ^.^ *huggles on everyone* thanks for starting a thread for me...I didnt' even know it existed until I posted in someone elses feedback thread ^_^

      a Good seller needs great and wonderful buyers like yourself to do good transactions and so I thank all of you ^_^
    7. LadySaiyuki is a great seller with great things to be sold, would LOVE to do more buisness in the near future! So many YOSD things ^.^ Gotta love LadySaiyuki <3 Quick shipment!!!
    8. Just bought a wig from Lady Saiyuki - mint condition, a great seller, am bookmarking her FS theads. - Barb in MA
    9. I just had a great transaction with her, I got some cute clothes for my Teenies to wear! She was very nice and prompt ^-^
    10. I bought a doll head and wigs from her. She is one of the best sellers I've dealt with on DoA. Friendly, fast & secure shipping, and excellent communication.

      Thank you!
    11. I purchased a wig and shoes from LadySaiyuki and received excellent customer service!
    12. I bought a gorgeous wig from Ladysaiyuki and it arrived very quickly. She is a lot of fun to deal with and I highly recommend her!
    13. LadySaiyuki is excellent to deal with! The transaction was as perfect as I could have hoped for. Thank you so much!
    14. I bought a rare Tohya outfit from Nat-- and I had a nice time just on the haggling part, she was so pleasant. :) Service was also swift & professional, everything looks as described, packaging was secure, and I will be happy to do business with her again! Thanks much!
    15. Bought a kimono from her, Beautiful kimono fast shipping!

      It had smelt like cigarette smoke but that was cleared up and it wasn't her fault :) The smell came out easily though so no more problems!

      hopefully in the future i'll be able to buy some more kimono's from her~!
    16. Bought a tank top from Ladysaiyuki, very prompt with communication, and shipment! Overall perfect transaction! Very nice and friendly person too! ^_^ Highly recommend! :)
    17. LadySaiyuki is a wonderful person to deal with! Always kept me informed of the delivery of my purchase and understood all my questions! Thank you again!
    18. I just bought an Ushiwakamaru body from LadySaiyuki, and I would recommend her 100&#37;--she was *wonderful* to deal with, VERY fast about shipping the body, and friendly & communicative all the way through the transaction. :aangel:
    19. Ladysaiyuki did the faceup for a Shall doll I ordered and did an awesome job. You should think of her for faceup commissions too.
    20. Nat did three heads for me, and I am DEFINATELY going to be a repete customer! She is SO friendly and did Awesome work! Thank you!!