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Feedback for Lailiren

Dec 5, 2010

    1. As she doesn't have a feedback thread quite yet I am setting one up for her. :)

      I had a wonderful transaction with Lailiren. She bought some pipos feet from me. Communication was quick, the payment showed up on time, and she took the time to inform me that the item had arrived with her.
      Recommended buyer!
    2. Lailiren was part of my Volks GO. She is such a lovely member and pays super quickly! Highly recommended!
    3. Lailiren was part of my Pipos O. Charlotte split. She paid promptly and the communication was perfect!!!
    4. Lailiren took part in my Alice's Collections GO.
      Prompt payment, excellent communication, would business again any time!
    5. Lailiren was part of my Safrin eyes GO and she was an amazing GO partner. She paid off the invoice promptly and informed me when the eyes arrived. Communication between us was wonderful too. I'd like to do business with her again!
    6. Lailiren took part in my WD Fenrir Split for the body and HOE head. Communication was good over the whole time and payment was made exactly when promised.
      Also she stayed paitient when I had some problems to keep everything updated, which I am very thankful for!

      Definitly recommendet as buyer. :)
    7. Sold a headback to Lai and everything went great!
    8. Lailiren was part of the Tata's GO I ran and she was wonderful! I'd love to have her in future GOs! Thanks for being part of the first GO I've ever run! <3
    9. Lailiren participated in my NOPPIN Unoa GO. She paid quickly and was very patient with short delay in shipping. I would do business with her again. Thanks for helping to make the GO a success! :)
    10. I bought her Buff headback and Unoa B-El faceplate from her. Though you cannot get insurance to the UK from Estonia, she was very careful about wrapping/double-boxing the head and sent it via trackable Airmail.

      The result was one very well-protected, safe head and one very happy and thrilled new owner :D

      Thank you for a lovely, efficient and pleasant transaction Lailiren! :aheartbea
    11. Lailiren took part in my Soom group order. Communication was good and payment was prompt. A pleasure to work with!
    12. I joined Lailiren's split for Doll Chateau Alberta's head.
      She is a great split host; prompt responses and updates me whenever there is new information.
      I would also like to note that Lailiren puts a lot of care into getting your item to you; she takes an extra step and beyond. She packaged Alberta's head amazingly that essentially protected her from any possible damage.

      Thank you so much!
    13. i bought Lailiren's withdoll fenrir, it was a great transaction. it was originally going to be a layaway and she was really understanding i needed a little more time, though i ended up getting some more money and paying it all off to get him home :D he was packaged well and arrived safely!
    14. I bought DC Ada from Lailiren . She was very friendly. And she kindly waited few days for payment. She sent doll as soon as she recived money. Doll was packed very very safly. It was joy to deal with Lailiren
    15. I bought a pair of foxy brownie leggings from Lailiren. Transaction was quick, easy and great for communication. Thank you :)
    16. Lailiren joined my Leeke GO. She was always friendly and prompt with communication, paid fast and let me know as soon as her stuff arrived! I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again~ Thank you! ^-^
    17. I bought doll eyes from Lailiren and it was a great transaction- fast shipping, eyes were packed very well, so that they arrived to me fast and safely :)
      I recommend Lailiren to other buyers and sellers.
    18. I bought MSD boots from her. She was very good about wrapping, the boots is beautiful!!
      Thank you, Lailiren! :)
    19. I bought pair of eyes from Lailiren ! It was perfect, she was fast for replying my messages and fast for shipping the eyes !!
      The eyes are so beautiful it was exactly what I wanted !!!!

      Thank you very much !!
    20. Purchased a wonderful Dollchateau Bella on Alberta body from Lailiren. She was wonderful to work with, accepting my layaway and shippung out my girl as soon as I paid her off. All communications were pleasant and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again!