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Feedback for Lami

May 12, 2007

    1. If you have had a transaction with me, please leave feedback! :)
    2. Lami purchased some things from my store. Payment was very speedy and wonderful to do business with. Thank you Lami!!!
    3. A pleasure to do business with! :) I sold an outfit to Lami - payment arrived fast and communication was great! Thank you!! ^^
    4. Sold a couple of umbrellas to Lami! ^^ Payment was prompt, communication was excellent, and she was patient with me even though I took almost a week to send the umbrellas out. ^^;;; Thank you! <3
    5. I sold a head to Lami - she had excellent communication all throughout the transaction and paid very quickly. She's a very pleasant person to do business with, and I wouldn't hesitate to sell to her again. Thanks so much! ^^
    6. She bought few cami sets from me.
      Good communication, fast payment and a very nice person :)
      Till next time!
    7. A very wonderful person to do business with. I really hope I can have another transaction with Lami in the future (but without the post losing the package this time :lol: ).

      Thank you, Lami. :aheartbea
    8. Lami is a lovely buyer ^^

      She paid fast and let me know when the things arrived.

      She's really nice too!
    9. Lami joined in on a LUTS group order I recently ran. She was extremely friendly and I received payments quickly and easily. Come join another group order anytime! ^_^
    10. I bought a T.Too from Lami a few days ago and the transaction couldn't have gone better. She's a very lovely person to deal with and easy to get in contact with. Mr. Too was packaged exceedingly well and arrived 2 days after I'd paid :D

      tl;dr I love Lami :aheartbea XD
    11. Lami bought from me, and I think she a very excellent buyer. It was a very quick and easy transaction. I wouldn't hesitate to do business again.

      Thank you very much!
    12. I bought a Dollmore outfit that Lami was selling. She had very good communication, and everything arrived safely. .^_^

      Thank you so much! =D
    13. Lami commissioned me for a face up and was great to work with :3 She was in good communication, paid quickly and was nice in PMs~ Thanks!
    14. I sold eyes and a magic eraser to Lami, she paid fast, and has excellent communication. It was a smooth and pleasant transaction. Thanks so much!!
    15. Lami bought some wigs from me and everything went fine ^^ Thanks!
    16. I sold mnf shiwoo boy to Lami on layaway.She is very friendly and make a quickly payment.she is a pleasure to deal with.~a nice communication~Thank you very much.^^
    17. Cast a Saranbileg head for Lami, excellent communication, fast payment and a real sweety to deal with. Thank you so much :D
    18. Perfect perfect perfect perfect and an extra PERFECT!

      Lami's original post for her MNF Shiwoo was very clear and precise, so it was easy for me to decide to buy. She allowed me to do a layaway plan that was flexible and easy to understand. She did research for shipping to get me the best price, and sent quickly! My MNF arrived just as perfect as ever and I love him. Without Lami and her excellent business I would not have him now.

      So THANK YOU! I would do business with again any day.
    19. Lami bought a skirt from me and was great to work with. Glad you got the skirt safely!
    20. Lami bought a body from me. She was so sweet and very patient! The body got caught in customs, and she let me know what was going on and also when the body arrived. Payment was also very prompt!

      Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy your girl!