Feedback for Lateyetnice

Aug 30, 2017

    1. This is for people to leave a review of transactions involving me, lateyetnice. Thank you so much for reviewing me. :dance
    2. :goldstarPositive feedback:goldstar
      The wonderful Lateyetnice bought a doll family Auriel head from me and the whole transaction was perfect from start to finish.
      Lateyetnice always had excellent communication throughout the transaction and I was wonderful to sell to :) .
      Thank you so much Lateyetnice !
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    3. Lateyetnice purchased some doll clothes from me.
      Excellent communcation and swift payment.
      Even contacted me when the items arrived and left feedback without prompting.
      Fantastic buyer and a great experience.
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    4. Lateyetnice bought a Dollzone YoSD male body from me and it was a very good transaction. Good communication & prompt payment.
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