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Feedback for Layka

Mar 15, 2007

    1. Layka was great to deal with. She is very sweet and paid quickly.
      I highly reccommend her! Thank you!!!
    2. I sold Layka my extra Alain head and I really must say The transaction couldn't have any any smoother:aheartbea

      She paid on time, was quick and polite with all cummunications and an absolute delight to deal with:chibi... I would sell or buy from her in an instant:)

      :thumbup:thumbup for this great transaction;)
    3. I buy some accesories from Layka and the deal was really good^^ She send them quickly. The items arrived in time, very well packed and in a perfect condition. She keeps me all the time very informed about the items, and was very polite and sweet
    4. Layka joined a split I made for the Luna of Iplehouse. She sent the payment for the cat parts very quickly, and it was very nice to deal with her. ^^

      Thank you!!
    5. I buy a Chrom head to Layka
      Erevery thing was totally perfect!!

      The head arrived very quickly and in perfect condition with lot of little gift soooo cute^^

      Layka is a perfect seller very nice and friendly!!

      She make me worry to not listen more during my spanish lesson in hight school....

      Thanks you so much!!!
      I will send you some picture when the make up was finish^^