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Feedback for lee-at

Mar 13, 2008

    1. Guess I should put one of these up. If we have had a transaction, please leve me feedback ;)
    2. Tadaa! Your first feedback! =^_^=

      ~She bought some clothes from me~
      Thanks for the prompt payment, friendly communication and a great transaction.
      Hope seeing you back!
    3. ..a huge mistake. It's suppose to be 'He bought...' :)

      (YAY! Another Doll addicted guy!) :lol:
    4. Lee bought me some outfits and it was a pleasure to deal with him.
      Thank you very much ^^
    5. Lee was wonderful to deal with and gets perfect marks from me! ;)
    6. lee-at bought Unoa book from me ^__^
      Payment was quick, communication very good~~

    7. i sold some unoa/narae outfits to lee-at and everything went great! enjoy!
    8. Lee was wonderful to deal with! She paid promptly and I couldn't be happier with her as a buyer! She bought my OOAK Sweet Dreams MNF Lingerie Set. Again, awesome buyer! :)
    9. Lee-at bought a pair of boots from me, and everything went swimmingly. She also let me know when they arrived, which is always a plus. :) Thanks again!
    10. Lee-at purchased a Dollzone Aimi head off of me recently, and the whole transaction was just wonderful.
      Communication when needed was perfect the whole time, he paid promptly and was just a wonderful person to deal with! :) He also let me know that she arrived safely <3

      Thank you again for bringing her home, and thank you for the business <3 It was wonderful working with you :>