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Feedback for Legua

Oct 28, 2008

    1. Please leave me feedback here.
      If you're not sure of something, have any questions or you didn't receive your stuff yet, please PM me first before leaving feedback, then I'll try to solve it. Thankies! :)
    2. Glad to be your first feedback here on DOA. I bought IP Barron from her and Legua is really polite and let me know about the status of the doll. My mum is thrilled. Thanks! Very happy!
    3. I made recreated some Minimode headresses for Legua. Communication was good. Payment was delayed (but for VERY understandable reasons and I have no grudge about it) but prompt once she told me she was finally ready to pay.

      I look forward to working with you again Legua.
    4. I bought a DZ Ian from Legua. She was fantastic throughout the whole transaction! I really couldn't be happier with how she handled things. There was a tiny hiccup with shipping, but she fixed it promptly and kept me in contact the whole time.
    5. Very positive.
      I bought a Soah head and it arrived perfect and really fast (just a week from Netherland to Spain). She sended it the day next to the payment and it was really really well protected in the box.
    6. Legua contacted me about buying my Lydia head on the 5th of August:

      I replied promptly with information, telling her I don't usually hold without a downpayment as stated on my thread. She replied:

      I waited, and on the 14th Aug she contacted me again asking for a little more time. I agreed.

      Then she told me on the 30th Aug she can't buy it yet, so if someone else wants it for me to sell it. Then on the 8th September she sent me this:

      I said my best price was $150+ shipping. She agreed to the sale the next day.

      On the 10th, still no payment but I did get a PM from her saying she has sold a head so can pay "very soon".

      On the 15th still no payment, and a PM comes asking if she can pay half now half later. I reply she can aslong as it's within 3 months.

      On the 18th, she sends me this:

      To be honest I was not very pleased. She had known of the other head at $120 almost a month ago. She had agreed to my sale. She asked for more and more time so I had given it to her trusting her, but in actually I had just wasted a month and a half+. However she is good with communication, but with this behavior I would take caution when "holding" for her.
    7. Kazezakura, you are absolutely right and I don´t blame you for being annoyed. I won´t complain about this feedback, because it´s true. I put it on layaway and didn´t pay it after all. Sorry.
    8. Perfect transaction - very fast shipping and nice article - very well packed and article in perfect condition - and we had very friendly contact too. Thanks! :O))
    9. Just received my doll and head that I purchased and I am very pleased. Wonderful transaction and communication. Fast shipping and very well packed. Thank you very much.
    10. It's been 8 years since I have made this thread, but now I'm selling my entire collection because I no longer am interested in BJD. Leave feedback here if you bought something from me.
    11. I bought a Iplehouse Akando (Noctarana Circus Pierrot) from Legua. Doll was in great condition, with the extra hands and gentle head. Was well packed and fast sent after payment. Thank you so much!