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Feedback for LeLou

Mar 24, 2009

    1. I see there's no single thread so I start one for LeLou.:)

      LeLou bought a DOT Delphine from me last month and is a very good buyer. Paid promptly and the transaction went smooth. Thank you very much!
    2. I bought a pair of veryyyyy pretty Heliot hooves from LeLou and they were shipped very quickly and very protected :) Thanks so much!
    3. I bought a really beautiful Soom Heliot R. head from Lelou, she is a wonderful seller :)! The head arrived in mint condition, carefully packed, and with adorable little gifts! She is really nice, friendly, helped me and gave me news during shipping! I highly recommend this seller !
      Thank you sooo much! :kitty2
    4. Lelou bought my Soom Beyla doll. She was a pleasure to work with and the transaction was smooth. Thanks for adopting her!!! :)
    5. I'm so happy that LeLou gave my Soom Aphan a wonderful home!!
      She needed a very short layaway and paid quickly, communication
      was good even though she was on vacation and had limited internet
      access. Thank you again for a lovely sale :D
    6. I can't say enough good things about LeLou. I've bought an IO Mask from her. We exchanged a few PMs that were answered promptly and helpfully. Then on shipping day I get a PM providing the tracking and apologising because she was in hospital and had to get her sister to post it.

      O.o she was in hospital and STILL got the parcel out on the promised day!

      The parcel arrived after an obviously rough transit, beat up and opened by customs etc, but the packaging was so well done the mask is perfect. The paint work etc all flawless.

      Excellent seller. Courteous, helpful, honest, thorough ... just all around wonderful.