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Feedback for Lennaire

May 16, 2008

    1. Just setting up this thread for those of you who have graciously hired me to work on various commissions.
    2. I commissioned Lennaire to restore my Petsha mask and it turned out brilliant!! truely amazing work ^__^ thank you .
    3. I'm proud to be Lennaire's first full BJD outfit Commission. He made an original design for my boy Roy. We're all very happy with the results. He has very good communication and really listens to what you want. I'll definitely use him again if I need another super difficult custom job, or a cosplay for myself... lol
    4. Thank Keikochan for the compliments! I look forward to you ext job for me. I'm sure that it will be just as fun and just as challenging :)
    5. Lennaire completed a lovely pair of white silk trousers for my Narin.
    6. As my PM's seem to be going ignored I'll comment here. I commissioned Lennaire to work on a doll outfit for me. With only one mock up so far and a promise to send me a new mock up at least three weeks ago I have not heard from him since and my PM's are going ignored/unread. I'm currently very dissatisfied with the lack of communication.
    7. I commissioned Lennaire last August to make an outfit for my doll, but that didn't work out. I understand he's having a lot of life problems, so I simply told him to keep my partial payment ($40), because I'm nice, but that I wanted my fabric back. It's been months, and though he said he'd mail it, he hasn't yet. In fact, I feel like I've been ignored.

      Sorry, but I'm going to leave a negative. I would not recommend buying from this guy.
    8. I heard back from Lennaire today, and he said my fabric was mailed late yesterday even though it should have been mailed May 26th.

      His excuse was he had 'other things going on in his life (medical issues, keeping a roof over his head, etc), which is all fine, well, and good, but he did not attempt to communicate any of this to me.

      Now, I'm not trying to be unreasonable here, but if he had simply told me he was having problems and couldn't mail it, I would have been fine with it. Six months of no communication, though, and then trying to make me feel like a jerk by guilt-tripping me with your problems? No, definitely not cool.

      Let's hope I actually get my material back this time.