Feedback for Leo Pheonix

Jun 18, 2017

    1. Marketplace feedback for Leo Pheonix
    2. Purchased a Dollmore Banji from Leo Pheonix. Very nice to work with, everything went perfectly, would buy from again!!
    3. I bought a Lumedoll Kiran from Leo Pheonix. He was packed nicely and arrived quickly all safe and sound. Thank you for a smooth transaction!!!
    4. I sold a HeartStrung Ruse to Leo Pheonix and it was a wonderful transaction from start to finish. She was super quick to pay, and has kept an open and friendly conversation all throughout the process. She informed me as soon as she got the doll. I very much recommend her to anyone looking to buy/sell in the market place. She is a friendly and honest member of our community.
    5. I bought a Lumedoll Elin from Leo Phoenix. She arrived safely and quickly! The transaction was perfect and I'd buy from her again!
    6. Purchased a Bluefairy pocketfairy Charlie from Leo Phoenix, the doll arrived quickly and safely and the seller was great with replies and very responsive. 100% would buy again! Thanks so much :)
    7. I bought a tiny Granado Shadow from Leo Pheonix. He was in his original boxes and arrived safe and sound. Great communication, quick shipping and just great all round.
    8. I purchased a Soom Leepy/Ondiine hybrid from Leo Phoenix. They had dyed her a lovely deep blue color. The transaction was great, she arrived quickly and well-packed. The dye job was really good too.