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Feedback for Leokitsune

Oct 26, 2007

    1. Sold an outfit to Leokitsune who was very friendly, easy to deal with and kept good communication. Payment was received with no problems. Thank you for a great transaction.
    2. Sold some doll clothes to Leokitsune. Prompt payment - great communication - would definitely sell to again!
    3. Leokitsune bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and let me know when the package arrived. A real pleasure to do business with!
    4. Leokitsune was in the Leeke GO i hosted recently. Was a real pleasure to work with, paitent and wonderful communcation as well as prompt payment! Would love to do business with her again!
    5. Leokitsune bought doll clothes from me. She was so friendly and flexible! I'd love to work with her again! :D
    6. Leokistune participated in my recent Dollmore GO and was a pleasure to work with! She sent her payment promptly and always kept in contact. Thanks again! Hope to do more business with you! :)
    7. Sold several outfits to Leokitsune who was very efficient with communication, payment was fast and a pleasure to deal with. A wonderful buyer. Highly recommended. Thanks.
    8. Leokitsune bought a Leekeworld Love Fullset from me. A perfect transaction and she let me know when Love arrived. Thank you! :)
    9. Leokitsune bought four cupcakes from my cold porcelain shop [supersheepshop] . She was very kind, she paid fast and answer really fast too!. I recommend her on 120% :fangirl: thank youuuuuu!!! ♥
    10. Leokitsune joined my Dollmore GO and was awesome to deal with. All payments for items and shipping were made promptly and communication was great. I'd definitely do business with her again. :) Thanks for joining!
    11. Leokitsune bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and let me know when the package arrived. Highly recommended, thank you!
    12. Leokitsune bought some eyes from me, paid quickly, and was very kind and friendly throughout communication! Thank you! :)
    13. Leokitsune bought two pairs of yosd shoes from me. She paid fast and let me know when she got the package. Wonderful buyer!
    14. Leokitsune participated in my Napidoll group order. All payments were made promptly and communication was great. Would gladly have them in future group orders!
    15. leokitsune bought a Leeke wig from me, she was very nice, great communication, paid quickly and alerted me when she received the wig. Thanks a bunch!!
    16. leoitsune purchases some eyes off of me, quick payment, open communication, great buyer, would work with again.
    17. Leokitsune commissioned me to thicken the eyelids of her Souldoll Apple. She was lovely to communicate with and very responsive. She understood what the mod could potentially do, change the eye size the head could take. Thankfully I was able to avoid that, but she was willing to accept the risk.

      I would love to work with her again! Highly recommended! :)
    18. Leokitsune purchased a pair of eyes from me a while back and our transaction went very smoothly. Payment was prompt and communication was good throughout. Thanks and hope you are enjoying the eyes! :)
    19. Leokitsune bought my Jinwoo <3 I was so glad to make transactions with such lovely person. She was so kind and paid so fast, and she also let me know when the doll has arrived to her home! I am so happy to have been able to make you happy, I would deal with you again for sure! 100% recommended <3
    20. Leokitsune bought some glass eyes from me. Very quick payment. Thank you.