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feedback for lethanon

Feb 26, 2007

    1. Hi

      If you have any sort of transaction with me (uncommon as this is) please leave a note for others. If you are looking for feedback for me, obviously there isn't much...look me up on ebay under 'sansillion'.


      He arrived in beautimous shape -- took two weeks by airmail, but still -- and OMG the extras! Thank you so much for the eyelashes, he seems to be missing one but you gave me replacements so that's taken care of, and his eyes are guh so nice. He's BEAUTIFUL, and he sends kisses. The spot on the nose is so teensy tiny I never would've noticed if you hadn't told me.

      MUAH! LOVE!!
    3. I sold a head to Lethanon and the whole transaction was smooth. Fast payment and a great person to deal with. ^.^
    4. I did a split with Lethanon and it went wonderfully! She paid on time and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Thank you so much. <3
    5. Sold a SD wig to Lethanon, great to deal with. Thanks!!
    6. Split an Elf Chiwoo with Lethanon, payment on time and friendly to deal with :)
    7. Lethanon was extremely great to deal with, great communication and prompt response. Highly recommended <3s
    8. Lovely seller! Held on a head for me on layaway--
      Totally awesome and nicely packaged-- Great communication! Couldn't be happier! Much thanks <3
    9. Incredibly friendly seller! I bought a body from her, and she shipped quickly, endured my persistent nagging, and left a lovely, personalized note with the box. I'm very happy with this purchase! Thank you!
    10. :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
      A sweet and kind person, who was very comunicative during the transaction. It was great having buisness wirh her, thank you very much!
      :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
    11. Lethanon bought a head from me; she was great with communication and paid super fast. Just all around lovely to deal with. :)
    12. I bought her white-skinned Angelo and could NOT be happier! He was easy to pay for, got here fast, and she sent him with gorgeous eyes and a wig and an adorable nightshirt, plus extra hands and a TURTLE OF CUTE. A+++++++, will totally buy another doll secondhand from her if she gets another mold I want. <3
    13. Lethanon bought a doll from me. Communication was wonderful and payment was on time. Excellent transaction over all!

    14. Lethanon commissioned me a faceup. Payment is on time and communication is friendly. It is a great transaction!! Thank you!! :D
    15. I purchased a BW Elf Chiwoo from Lethanon recently and everything went super smoothly! :)

      Gorgeous doll, wonderfully quick postage... and an outfit that Kyran claimed upon arrival and hasn't been out of since! :)
    16. Lethanon sent me her Leaf elf ears. They were in great shape and Lethanon was very friendly! :)
    17. Just received a pair of Soom Mephisto 16mm eyes from Lethanon. They were shipped quickly and are in nice shape. I am pleased. Very pleasant to deal with. Thanks again.
    18. I purchased a pair of 16mm Soom eyes in Vampire from her. Lethanon was very plesant to deal with and she shipped promtly.

      Thank you!
    19. Lethanon promptly paid me for a purchase and was excellent with the communication aspect of the transaction. I highly recommend her as a buyer. Thank you, L!
    20. Lethanon commissioned me to paint her lovely K-doll twins. A very polite and understanding person to work with:) Fast payment and great communications^^ A lovely customer:D