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Feedback for Letta

Dec 22, 2010

    1. Hello! :D
      Here you can leave your impressions on dealing with me.
      I've already got a feedback list, but it's in russian, at russian forum dedicated to BJD, may it be useful, I'm not sure... Anyway here is the link http://bjdclub.ru/feedback.php?mode=myfeedback :) (My nick there is alekim)
    2. Letta bought a pair of Dk joints hands from me. She paid really FAST and responded my PMs quickly. The whole transaction was very smooth. Very good experience with her. A GREAT buyer!!
    3. Letta bought me a Chrom Head. She paid very very fast and the transaction was very kind. She es a great buyer. I totally recommend her! <33
    4. Letta bought a Yeon-ho hybrid from me and she was great the whole time. She kept great communication with me and was extremely understanding. She paid quickly after the purchase and she let me know when he arrived.
      She is a great buyer and would recommend her to any seller.

      Thank you for making my market place experience a good one!
    5. I bought a Crobidoll Lance Cheshire Kitten from Letta. Communication was great and he was shipped quickly and packed well. I'd highly recommend her! <3
    6. I purchased a set of black transparent resin SOOM Monzo horns to replace the ones my Souldoll Chiron stole.... er, I mean "borrowed" from my Monzo.

      Letta was incredibly nice and patient with me (I can't stress this enough) as she walked me though paying with Western Union for the first time. She was more than happy to answer all of my silly questions. She even checked the tracking for me, as I was unable to use the tracking on any site. She even checked in with me to make sure that the horns arrived safely!

      Overall, great seller. I would be more than happy to do business with her again!
    7. Letta bought two minifee heads from me. Everything has been easy and nice with her : she knew exactly what she wanted. She sent the payment very quickly and has been very patient to wait for the heads to arrive. She has always been very nice in her mail. Well, i mean this transaction has been perfect, and i definitely recommend her as a buyer ^^ thank you Letta !!
    8. Letta purchased an msd from me and the whole process was a lot of fun! She paid instantly and communication was great. What a perfect transaction and what a gem of a gal! Highly recommend!!! :)
    9. Had a transaction with Letta and she was wonderfully friendly and responsive. It was a lovely experience and I hope to do business with her in the future.
    10. Letta sold me a MNF seorin sleeping head, the transaction was perfect and she send the head very safe. She is a person very responsible and communication was perfect! I'm so happy :)
      Thank yo so much!!
    11. I've bought an Epidos head from letta and she sent it very quickly and very well packaged. Nice seller and good communication: would buy from again!
    12. Letta bought a SOOM Bygg from me and she was a pleasure to deal with. She did a short layaway and paid when she said she would, and as soon as the doll arrived, she let me know.

      Thank you for the great transaction, Letta! :)
    13. Letta bought a Pipos Cheshire from me and she was great to deal with! She paid right away and is always polite. I would not hesitate to do business with her again.
    14. I bought a MNF Chloe head to Letta. it was perfect!:aheartbea
      The head was veeeeeeeeeeery well packed, the shipment was quick and neat. Communication: a pleasure!
      I highly recommend it!
    15. Letta bought a Soom SO Jet head from me. The communication was the best! She was very kind paid quickly and let me know when the head arrived to her ^^
      Very good buyer!
      i would happily do any business with her again! I higly recommend her <3
    16. I sold Feeple60 Mirwen's Head~ The transaction was great!!!! And communication was awesome~~ Payment was fast~ So, overall an awesome buyer~!!!
    17. I sold a FC Heliot body to Letta. Wonderful transaction from start to finish. Communication was excellent, payment was prompt, and she let me know that the body had arrived safely. I would be more than happy to recommend her as a buyer. Thank you very much!
    18. Letta bought Heliot from me. Communication and payment was fast and excellent

      Thank you very much
    19. Bought a Wagashi Head from Letta, Despite a minor misunderstanding to start with in the process of the purchase (my fault not hers) The head was sent to me. Sadly did take a long time to arrive (over two months) but in light of this it was the holiday season and i hold nothing against her as a seller about this issue, as she had great communication during the whole process of finding the parcel and figuring out where it was! Letta i feel if it wasn't holiday season it would have arrived much faster and wouldn't of had any issues so it was sorta bad timing on both of our parts on this but neither persons fault.

      head arrived well packaged need a good scrub but i love to clean them up on arrival (^^ ) - Letta his a brilliant person, dealt with everything well and was very friendly at all times.

      would recommend highly to buy from! brilliant first class seller!
    20. Letta bought an SOOM Heliot God Master hands from me! She paid instantly and the communication was very great^^
      Highly recommend!!! Thanks for all Letta! :)