Feedback for LetterJaey

Dec 13, 2016

    1. Hello! Happy to hear feedback from the people I worked with here :)
    2. @LetterJaey purchased a handful of clothing and shoes from me and it was a pleasant, easy transaction! Communication was very friendly and payment was quick. I was informed that the items were received safely and I would be happy to do business again in the future! Thank you very much! :hug:
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    3. LetterJaey bought 2 pairs of pants from me, and it was a perfect, and friendly deal~ she also gave me the much-appreciated update upon the items arrival! I would love to do business again with her! Thank you <3
    4. LetterJaey purchased some outfits from me and everything went great! Thank you very much for leaving me feedback. I apologize for taking some time to leave you one. I don't check my FB thread often unfortunately, haha.

      Sent payment promptly and is a very friendly buyer. I'm grateful for the very straightforward and problem-free transaction. Thank you very much! Highly recommended to all. A++
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