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Feedback for Lexalot

Sep 1, 2006

    1. This is a thread for feedback in relation to purchases, buying or selling, for me, Lexalot :)

      Please comment with anything you feel you'd like to say regarding a trade or transaction with me. All input is greatly appreciated.

      Thank you!
    2. I sold an item to lexalot and I was paid quickly and it was a flawless transaction. A+++
    3. Lexalot bought some accessories from me recently and everything went super smooth! Thanks! :)

    4. lexalot purchased some items from my shop and paid quickly. it was a smooth transaction. highly recommended :D please come back anytime
    5. Another great transaction! :aheartbea

    6. Have sold a pair of SD boxers to her. She was fast to transfer the money and .. well.. everything was just as they should be xD
      Positive feedback from me +++
    7. Lexalot was an excellent buyer. She responded to my For sale thread and sent the payment right away. Friendly pm's were sent till the transaction was completed and very understanding when there was a slight delay due to Lati's mistake. Thank you so much for the super transaction. A+ I would definitely recommend this buyer and would love to do business with again in the future. :)
    8. Bought a tunic from me. Great transaction, quick payment and good communication! Smooth transaction. Thank you very much! :)
    9. Lexalot is a pleasure to deal with!^_^ Super fast payment, and friendly emails. An overall perfect transaction!
    10. very positive experience for me...great buyer!

    11. I sold an outfit to Lexalot. An excellent transaction, Lexalot is a great person to sell to. Thank you again and enjoy. :D
    12. I traded wigs with Lexalot. She mailed it promptly, it was in new condition as described, and she informed me when she received the wig I sent her.

      It was an excellent transaction! :sumomo:
    13. Lexalot is a wonderful person to deal with! Fast payment & really nice communications.
      Thanks! for buying my items. :)
    14. I sold a jumpsuit to Lexalot, and she paid very quickly and was super nice to deal with! Thank you. ^__^!
    15. Lexalot joined a group order of mine and was very timely with payments and information! Really, a pleasure to deal with -- made my job easy :D
    16. Lexalot is very pleasant to sell to! She paid fast and was always sweet! Thanks so much :)
    17. Good feedback *^_^*

      I've sold to she clothes for SD13, a perfect transation and payment ^.^
    18. Fast payment, and very pleasant to work with. :) I've had a wonderful transaction with Lexalot!
    19. Very patient and fast payment! Would love to do business with you again!
    20. Super fast payment and very pleasent correspondence. :)
      I hope to do business with Lexalot again.