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Feedback for Lhianna

Jul 17, 2007

    1. Hi! Please leave any and all feedback if you've sold to or bought from me. Thanks! :)
    2. Lhianna bought a pair of pants from me and was very wonderful to deal with. She was very friendly, kept great communication, and prompt payment. Thanks so much! :)
    3. Lhianna bought some DoT boots from me. She was very understanding when I flipped some of the numbers in her address and sent the package into a postal vortex. They finally arrived back to me and I resent them. Whew! She was just great about it though!

      Thank you + enjoy!!
    4. Lhianna paid promptly, was easy to deal with, and let me know when the wig arrived. Great transaction, thanks so much - enjoy!
    5. I recently did a split for the Second Release of the SDF Cian with Lhianna and it was fantastic! She was super friendly, very communcative, quick to respond and paid promptly. Both payments went smoothly and I could not have asked for a better split partner! I would not hesitate to do another one with her, she was wonderful to deal with. Thanks so much and enjoy your boy's gorgeous new body! =D
    6. I recently bought a wig from Lhianna. She was very pleasant to do business with and it was sent promptly. I received it 3-4 days later. She's wonderful!
    7. Lhianna bought a pair of 18mm eyes from me. She was a pleasure to deal with and I would not have any qualms about doing business with her again!
    8. Did a faceup commission for Lhianna's Javi. Easy and quick comminication, and an all around pleasure to deal with!<3
    9. Lhianna ordered an FCS through me. She was very well-organized and prepared! One of my smoothest transactions! I would definitely do business with her again. :D
    10. I purchased a Shiwoo faceplate from Lhianna and it was a great transaction. Communication was friendly and she packed him well and shipped him right away. Thanks so much Lhianna!
    11. I got some Zouks from Lhianna in a split and she was absolutely great! She always kept me posted as to the status and I never felt like I'd been forgotten (which is easy to do during the long FCS wait).
      Thanks so much!!
    12. Participated in a FCS split for a wig with her, she was suppper nice to deal with and kept us updated the whole time, definitely recommend doing business with her!
    13. Participated in Lhianna's FCS split. She was really great to deal with, always pleasant and patient, keeping me updated all the time.
      I would deal with her again for sure!

      Thank you very much! <3
    14. I joined on an FCS split with Lhianna to get an omuake SD13 girl outfit and was a joy to dealing with her during all the time we've been in contact ^^.. always so nice.. so kind.. so patient. Keeping me informed everytime she had news about how was going the FCS and when she got the outfit she quickly sent it to me carefully wrapped and protected ^^. I have no doubt that i will deal with her in future if i have another chance .

      Thank yoou so much sweetie for being that wonderful person ^^ !!
    15. Lihanna bought a JpopDolls wig from me. Super nice person. Was a pleasure to talk to. Would definitely do business with again ;) :aheartbea
      (BTW can't wait to see your Gamma and Luv!!)
    16. Lhianna bought a pair of glass eyes from me and it was an awesome transaction dealing with her. She kept up great communication, was very sweet, and quick with payment. Would happily sell or buy from her again! Thanks! :aheartbea
    17. I bought an SNG Javi head from Lhianna and it arrived safe and in stunning condition. The head was packed well and she had great communication. Very considerate, informative and kind.
    18. Bought a pair of feet from her,
      and she was a great seller to deal with!

      Thanks again, Lhianna!
    19. Wonderful buyer ! Great to work with, friendly excellent communication, a real pleasure. Thank You and enjoy!
    20. Lhianna recently commissioned me for one of my briknits hats, communication was always prompt and clear, payment was made quickly, all in all a pleasure to deal with. I would definitely work with her again :)