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Feedback for Li Xue

May 13, 2007

    1. Leave a feedback here if you've had a transaction with me.

      Thanks :daisy
    2. My Nanuri came back yesterday! Li Xue did a great job on his face up. The whole transaction was flawless. Li Xue was prompt, had excellent communication, and was really nice to work with. I recommend her as a face up artist. ^.^
    3. I just received my boy back from Shirley this afternoon and I am completely amazed by her work as well as her customer service. Every step of the process, she asked a lot of questions to get to the bottom of what I wanted and what I envisioned for the doll.

      - Clear and Constant Communication. When she said she would post progress pictures, she did!
      - Was very concerned with customer satisfaction. Before she did anything major, such as sealing that layer, she'd ask if anything needed to be changed before doing it, instead of doing it and then having to redo all the work, which I think helps greatly with the turn around of her services.
      - Does EXCELLENT quality work.

      - I seriously cannot think of any. It was a flawless, perfect transaction.

      The Bottom Line:

      If you want an excellent face up artist with a dedication to making her patrons happy and giving them the best experience possible at reasonable price, Shirley is your girl!
    4. Li Xue is a talented faceup artist who goes out of her way to please her customers. She pm'ed me almost daily letting me know about her progress and checking up on how I wanted Nephthys to look. She was also very good with translating my description of how I wanted her to look, and Nephthys looks just gorgeous!

      Get a faceup from Li Xue! You won't regret it!
    5. I purchased a Sleepy Soo head from Li Xue and it came with a faceup by her! She is a wonderful artist people!

      The transaction went by oh so easily, and she allowed me to do a layaway even!!
      Very prompt and definitely considering for faceups in the future with new dolls.
    6. I sold a SchoolA head to Li Xue, she paid very promptly, let me know when it arrived, and was all in all great to deal with. Highly recommended, thanks again!
    7. Almost ten months ago I purchased my first doll, a CP Breakaway, from Shirley. She was (and is) patient and reliable, she always responded to my PM's on time and was very descriptive in her sales post. I cannot find anything negative to say about my interaction with her, it has always been pleasant and positive. It was a pleasure to work with her and my boy will be getting a faceup from her very soon-- I can't wait!
      HIGHLY recommended!
    8. Li Xue just finished faceup for me, and it's lovely. Her work is gorgeous and her customer response is great. I'd definitely do business with her again!
    9. Just got the head back that Li Xue did a faceup on. I was in love with the photos but it's even more gorgeous in person :D She was delightful to deal with throughout and I'd highly recommend her work <3
    10. my head came back to me a week ago. she did a face up on him, that i had asked to look like his old one *was destoryed*. she was prompt in her replys and sent me update pics for my critique, asking if i wanted any changes to the way she was going. she was wonderful to deal with and i am highly considering to send another head to her for face up when i get him.

      5/5 *'s ^_^


    11. I commissioned a faceup from Li Xue and I am very pleased with the outcome. She was very communicative, always asking if I liked the faceup and if anything should be changed before moving onto the next step.

      Her work is delicate and very professional in my personal opinion :)
    12. Li Xue commissioned a piece of jewelry from us and was absolutely wonderful to do business with. From payment to commission details, she was explicit in all manners of communication. Very honest and professional! Highly recommended :D

      Thanks Li!
    13. Just got my Lishe Boy's head back today from faceup! She did an AMAZING job! I highly recommend her to anyone! good communication very nice! Thank you SO much!
    14. I Just got Max my Mf Shiwoo and Rokai my friends Mf El, back from Li Xue and they are perfect! I love there faceups. Flawless
      She did a fantastic job on them, Communication was great, always asking if I liked it or not. Showed progress pictures from start to finish, Just what I like from a person. ^^ Very nice to work with. I'm sending another head to her XD
      Highly Recommended for Faceups!
      Thank you~
    15. I commissioned a face-up from Li-Xue and the transaction was perfect. She started work ASAP and then kept in constant communication to make every part exactly as I wanted. If I was unsure she could make suggestions on how to improve the look. When finished she shipped him back promptly, only a few days from final photos to having him home. The face-up itself is absolutely gorgeous in person.

      Thank you!
    16. Li did the faceup on my Minimee, and he's absolutely wonderful. :3 Li's very easy to work with, quick to respond to PMs, and sends progress photos of the faceup so you can approve it or request changes. I'm very pleased with how my boy turned out, and I'd recommend her without hesitation.
    17. I cannot recommend Li Xue enough! Her prices are very reasonable for the wonderful work she does. Her face-ups are of a highly professional quality and so is her customer service. It's listed in detail in her first post on her commissions page, but she makes sure you know everything that is going on with your doll's face. From sending progress photos to asking and answering questions every step of the way, Li Xue really does everything she can to follow your face-up request. Her turnaround time is excellent. I got my boy 6 days after I sent him out. Of course, she's not in school right now and we both live near enough that shipping only takes one day, but she got to work on my boy's head right away and didn't waste any time working on him. Anyways, I'm kind of rambling now, but seriously, she does great work. And it's airbrush too ^_^ If I ever get another BJD, I'm sending him to Li Xue.

      Good luck on getting your doll, Li Xue ^_^
    18. YAY!! Another wonderful faceup!!! I highly recommend!! Wonderful product and great price :D I'll gladly do business again :)
    19. Very happy with the face-up. The quality was excellent, always kept in touch and had him back within two weeks. Cannot recommend enough!
    20. Another great experience with Li Xue. Much the same as last time, she kept in good contact, was very accomodating when changing things, and very quick to get down to work. I've commissioned three faceups from her now, and she delivers consistent results of high quality. Her faceups are wonderful, and the attention to detail in them is fantastic. Looking forward to sending more heads to her! XD