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Feedback for lil_utena

Jul 22, 2011

    1. Hello, please leave your comments here and feel free to visit my DA

    2. Great swap partner! Misha and I really love the new items :D
    3. i got her for my partner in an alice in wonderland swap and not only were the gifts awesome but they arrived before the deadline! i would definately have her for a partner in another swap any day!
    4. lil_utena participated in my Sleep Over Swap.

      She send her partner a nice gift, shipped within the dead line and communication was excellent!

      She is welcome to join any of my swaps!
    5. i have never had an experience so negative with someone on DOA until attempting to work with lil_utena for her lady gaga swap.
      First, she mandated tracking and then asked, as most swap leaders do, for participants to put whether or not they could handle an international partner.
      Nobody said they would take one, so instead of asking if there was anybody who absolutely couldn't, she simply assigned me with a partner whom I would have no way of shipping to.
      When I explained that I lacked the money to do so, and suggested alternatives, she decided to single me out and accuse me of singling out my partner. I had explained to my swap partner and to her that it was simply outside of my price range, and although I wasn't the only one to drop the swap because of how poorly it was run [she and my partner, separately had decided to specifically mention me in the thread for the world to see], she wrote me sarcastic, hateful feedback that painted me as a snob.
      I even wrote her several private explanations, and then she proceeded to leave me more negative feedback. Though she did delete the second one, I am still aghast that she would treat me that way, even though I worked hard to explain that it was just too much hassle and that I had been hurt by being singled out.

      I would not recommend her at all. If you displease her in any way, she will be rude and hurtful to you in any way she can.
    6. Did a swap with lil_utena. Was wonderful to swap with her. :3 We set a time and everything was shipped and arrived around it. Kept great communication and was a very awesome experience. Would trade with her again and recommend her for other swaps. ^_^
    7. I took part in lil_utena 's Lady Gaga swap and it was so much fun! Not only did she come up with a great swap theme and run an awesome swap, but I had her as my swap partner and the outfit she sent my girl was miles beyond awesome! Definitely a wonderful swap experience.:)
    8. Lil_utena commissioned me for a faceup and things went very smoothly. She's a pleasure to talk to and paid promptly. Great experience!
    9. I joined lil_utena's "Lady Gaga Monster of Swaps." She came up with interesting theme and did all in her power make joyful swap for anyone. I would gave her A for good job with her 1st time hosting a swap.
    10. I joined in the Harry Potter Magical Swap and was paired with lil_utena. I received the swap from her and it was amazing. This has been the second swap I've done with her and both times have been great. I'd gladly do another swap with her. :3
    11. lil_utena participated in my Harry Potter swap and was a terrific participant. I would recommend her for other swaps and would have her in my own future swaps. Thanks!
    12. Lil_utena participated in my Yo-SD winter wonderland swap. She posted her profile on time and shipped her present out in a timely manner. She also let us know when she got her end of the swap from her partner. I would let her be in any of my future swaps no problem! Excellent swaper!!
    13. Lil_utena bought a glasses from me. She was extremely friendly and paid quickly, happy deal with^^
    14. sold msd clothing to lil_utena and everything went great ^^
    15. lil_utena purchased a MSD-sized top from me. She was friendly and polite, and paid promptly. Thank you so much! :D
    16. I participated in lil_utena's Lady Gaga swap, which was sometime last year and my partner flaked even though I had already shipped out , it was returned back to me. Long story short, after a while(few months) she sent me something . It was stressful in the beginning but I'm glad she sent me something to make up for my partner. :) Thanks so much!
    17. Hi! Lil_Utena Participated in my Victorian themed swap! She was perfect, shipped a wonderful outfit and was very very prompt and shipped out early! She even included small extras, a lovely participant!
    18. I commissioned a yukata from lil_utena. She was super friendly, super quick turn around time, fast shipping and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended and would definitely commission again. Thanks again!!
    19. I sold a wig to lil_utena, and it was a great transaction. Fast payment & great communication, and she let me know as soon as she got the wig. I'd love to deal with her in future. Thanks a lot!
    20. lil_utena was a participant in my "80's are Back" swap. She was a wonderful swapper, who followed all my swap rules, paid attention to her partners' dolly profile, and shipped her package on time. Her partner very happy with the gifts and only had good things to say. Her partner commented, "The outfit is very well made and the overall fit is great. The level of attention to detail in this outfit is awesome...The colors are wonderful and the outfit truly portrays the style of the cartoon and my girl's love of lolita clothing." As the host, I would be happy have her in any of my future swap. Outstanding swapper to work with.