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Feedback for Lilium

Jul 23, 2010

    1. Feedback for Lilium :)
    2. + 1 for Lilium, for a Pukipuki size dress, she is really nice, perfect communication, perfect shipping and of course, perfect dress ! :love:
    3. Bought cat ears, hands, and feet. Lilium was a wonderful seller, patient and friendly. THANKS!!!
    4. Bought a Migidoll Jina head from Lilium.
      The comunication was great, at first. Havent heard from her since.

      At first I payed for the head, but she send me the money back because it wasn't the right amount.
      Had a lot of problems with paypal due to that mistake. But we sorted it out. So I was ok with it. And she was very very patient with me.
      So no harm done there.

      Then the head was sent eventually after a correct payment.
      I didn't knew weither it was sent out or not. I had to ask about the tracking myself, and it was indeed sended out.
      Ok no problem there. And when I asked about the site where to track my package. I got no more replies from her.
      Untill today.

      As I recieved the package. It was poorly wrapped. Damaged also.....
      I was lucky the head was ok!! The whole inside was falling apart.

      Now. I dont know who's fault this is. Could be the airmails mistake or whatever.
      Or poorly done at the post office.
      But as I pointed this out to her, I got no reply. So I dont know what to acuse here.
      So I'm sorry for the rather, bad feedback. But if you had replied to me... We could've prevented this.
      And sorted out ofcourse.

      I have no hard feelings beside it. And everything is ok in the end.
      But due to the so many bad luck and events, and now the package coming in damaged.
      + No reply. I'm sorry but then I cant do much more than this.

      If you wish to reply still. You can.
      Telling me this was in no way a mistake of your own Lilium. Then sure I'll edit this post ^^;